openHAB 2 on Ubuntu

Hi there,

i deceided to move on to openHAB 2, but this is not an easy task. Maybe out there is some one who cpuld help me a little bit.

1.) I really would like to use the nightly build, and i am perfectly aware that from one moment to the other my system could stop working, but i am really not sure what to download and what is about the deb packages.

2.) I read sometime that i should set the propoer rights for the openhab folders in for example /opt/openhab, but i did not find any hints what are the proper rights are

3.) What about the designer for openHAB 2 i did not find anything, is there something like that?

So any hint would be appreciated. Most wanted is a hint for the initial installation and a method to regular update the nightlies.


There’s some good info on nightly updates here -:

Either use the offline distro (addons are included) or the online distro (addons are automatically downloaded when you try to install them).

Use the eclipse smart home designer:

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