Openhab 2.x and comfoair


I have the binding from openhab to comfoair set up and many things (fan level, comfort temperature,…) are working. I do however not understand how to set the fan direction. With cc easy you can select if the fan direction is both ways or either in or out. How do you set this with the openhab binding?


As far as i know it’s not possible to ‘reverse’ the direction of the fan’s. I know it’s posible to use only the outgoing fan. However it’s not an option in the comfoair binding.
I did take a look in the software, it is doable, but i’m not a programmer.


There is no direct way to achieve this (according to the protocol description). What you could do, is to set the fan percentages for the individual levels accordingly (fan_in_[0-3] and fan_out_[0-3] in the v1 binding). You would then probably need some rule to switch between “standard” and e.g. “out only” settings.
AFAICT the different ventilation levels [0-3] have some lower limits for the ventilation according to the manual, so to set them to 0, you would have to change the fan_in_0 or fan_out_0 values, respectively.
I would also encourage you to try the v2 binding ([comfoair] New ComfoAir Binding), which would also take care to handle those limits.


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