openHAB 2.x + Google Home + Kodi

I added the KODI binding and I use the google home configuration.
But I have no idea how to manage a start to a precise music or film from google Home to kodi.
For exemple, “Hey Google, start film Superman on kodi” or “Hey Google, start music leonard cohen on kodi”
Many people use IFTTT but I’m pretty sure it’s possible to manage fully in openHAB.
If someone have an experience of this can he give me some keys to configure this ?
Thanks for your help.

See this topic:

Thanks for your reply.
But I’m blocked on this precise issue:only this items are available

So how doing the link between this tags and KODI items ?
For exemple launching a film can’t be an item like a switch :innocent:
And I have no idea how to link google home with Kodi.

You can use a proxy (dummy item) item as a switch and a rule to launch the film when the proxy switch is toggled on.

I not sure if this will help