openHAB 3.0.2 and Honeywell Wifi Thermostat?

Got my X10 and Alexa all running but wanted to add more functionality to openHAB and make my home even smarter…but I can’t find anything except evohome and no documentation on how to use it. I am guessing it requires a Honeywell Home device. Question is… Are there any Bindings available for OH3 and Total Connect Comfort (Honeywell) thermostats? I believe there is a TCC API but how can I access it?


I’ve spent some effort here and there trying to get their API to work but I can’t get past the request for the auth token. I’ve gone through OAuth2 interactions before so it’s not a lack of knowledge. Either their API is broken, their docs are wrong, or I’m doing something subtly wrong that isn’t apparent.

But for now, there is no support for Honeywell Home in openHAB.

You can sign up for access and see the API docs at

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Went the same path. I even tried my TCC login, no success… Both gave me the same error with the evohome binding…

You have to sign up separately for API access and create a project once you sign in. Your Honeywell Home login doesn’t just automatically work.

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I created the “App” called it “openHAB” with “none” as callback url.

What I meant was I even used the TCC username and password like it says on the Evohome binding thing I created.

EDIT: I just tried the KEY / SECRET from Honeywell Home, no success either…

The Evo Home binding won’t work. It’s a completely separate API. If you want to use the Honeywell Home API you have to use that API. There is no add-on.

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Meh… I can’t believe they haven’t written anything to control these besides their crappy app… Any working thermostat with openHAB that you know of? Even X10 which is ancient has something that can be used with the Exec binding…


An API like Honeywell provides is pretty much all any device that works with openHAB provide. Honeywell isn’t unique in this. It’s just that no one has volunteered their time to write an add-on for openHAB to support that API. Honeywell did their part. They have a published and documented API that anyone can use. Honeywell is no worse than any company for which there is a binding in openHAB and they are significantly better than a lot of companies who don’t even provide an API.

Like it or not, there are not enough developers of openHAB who have Honeywell devices for someone to implement a binding. But that’s not Honeywell’s fault.

As for thermostats that work:

  • any Zwave thermostat (Note that Honeywell has a Zwave thermostat as well) will work with the zwave binding
  • any Zigbee thermostat will work with the Zigbee binding or zigbee2mqtt
  • Velstar has a binding and supports local control
  • Ecobee has a binding
  • Nest has a binding in beta

I’m sure there are lots of others. Note that Ecobee and Nest have done exactly what Honeywell has done. They provided a publicly available API that developers have used to implement a binding to provide openHAB support.


Ok, thanks. Will look into another thermostat. That will give me the result I want.

They have a very nicely published API -

I’d chip in $25 to a developer who could write an add on for us. Perhaps we can get a few others out there to help? It’s cheaper than replacing my thermostat!

You can create a bounty, but money generally isn’t a motivating factor for openHAB developers.

If you do go that route, you might want to consider that $25 isn’t much of a payout for a developer. I know you’re just throwing it out there as a starting point, but it’s less than two hours at minimum wage, or a neighbourhood kid mowing your lawn once or twice (I don’t know how much teenagers charge these days).

Even if you find 10 people to chip in, that’s only $250 for what will be many hours of work to code, test and debug. At least half of that money will go to the developer buying a Honeywell thermostat, and no one’s going to pay them for future updates or user support in the community. Which is why money typically isn’t a motivating factor for this sort of thing.

What you’re really looking for is a developer who’s already thinking about upgrading their thermostat. Then you can incentivize them to choose a Honeywell and develop a binding, perhaps by offering to buy a device for them and pay them for their initial work. Then it’s less about paying someone $25 and more about mutual benefit and collaboration.

I posted some rules code that interacts with the Honeywell API. It’s not very reliable but it worked for a bit when I was playing with it. It looks like their API is well defined and documented but in practice it’s not all that easy to use nor very reliable.

A binding would really need to be developed but I’m not in a position to do it myself. But even then I don’t have much hope that it will be a good integration.