openHAB 3.0 Milestone 1 discussion

That’s a strange idea I do not follow. openHABian does not support e.g. Home Assistant or to run on a Cray either but you expect that be announced ?
Given OH3 is not released but a milestone it’s expectable to get the most current stable release version, isn’t it ? BTW it was explicitly mentioned here.

Yes. We are working on it.

I believe stating Stable release version would be easier to understand. Technically Milestones are releases too :wink:

Indeed it was announced here. Thanks.

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You can call any release a release but that isn’t helpful so for sake of nit-picking I added that “stable” to my statement.

For people who had problems with types using the InfluxDB persistence addon I’ve submitted a PR that will solve the problem in the next milestone

There is an already build version in the PR if someone wants to use

Important consideration:
If you already used the previous addon version you can still have problems. You need to start with a new database or from a copy of OH 2 database where the 3.0 persistence addon was never used.


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Some questions/suggestions regarding the new user/auth for UI:

  1. I didn’t see any option to create additional users/admins, is the plan to only have a single user or will there be other users in the future?
  2. HABPanel seems to require auth to load panels, I presume each user would have their own panels. I propose we allow the admin to create and assign panels to certain users and lock them to only those panels.
  1. See the draft documentation in post three of this thread it answers this. You have to use karaf console to create extra users currently, that part is not yet done in the UI.

The Current milestone is for early adopters that don’t mind features not fully done and docs not fully written. I find it better than openHAB 2 already but I don’t use habpanel.


i would to ask/propose a change. Previously the ui was under /paperui/index.html, but now the new ui (which is great by the way) lives at the root (/) of the server. This makes it totally impossible to put openhab behind reverse proxy. a typical use case is : having grafana and openhab on one server, and exposing these services thru apache/nginx.

Could the ui be hosted under a folder of some kind ? for instance /oh/*



The proper place to propose that is as a GitHub issue. Since OH3 has reached Milestone 1, I doubt it would be changed before OH4.

I think this would be the proper place.

oh okay. i suppose it will make oh unusable for many users including me then… :frowning:
i submitted the issue nontheless.

I think there are some non-breaking ways this could be implemented which would make it suitable for OH 3 at some point. But I’m not convinced it’s impossible to set up the reverse proxy to support it as it is. I’m pretty sure back when I was using that sort of reverse proxying I had the root OH Dashboard as well as Grafana behind the same proxy with Grafana at the root.

Now that LetsEncrypt supports wildcard certs now I just pay a little bit for a custom domain that supports reverse DNS and put the services higher up in the url, for example and


Could you please explain your concerns in detail? My OH3 instance successfully runs behind a Traefik reverse proxy (which is, in fact, running behind an Apache2 reverse proxy). Thus, I cannot confirm this issue.


thanks Christian for getting back to me. the problem is when you have multiple services on the server.
ideally i would put each service under a subpath like
but openhab is both located at the root of the webserver, and uses absolute paths. so i cannot relocate it under a subpath and share the same http server for grafana and oh. but maybe i missed smth ? :slight_smile:

That right there sounds like the issue to me. I usually try to avoid absolute paths on internal URLs.

Exactly. Traefik is the way to go ! In addition, automatic certificate generation/renewal per vhost!

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There were some difficulties with relative paths but not so major, so it’s not out of the question to have it fixed eventually. In the meantime you can have multiple virtual hosts served by the same server.

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No need to pay for certificate. Traefik can generate on the fly one certificate per vhost thanks to SNI !

I don’t pay for the certificate. I pay for the domain and use LetsEncrypt so I can have certificates that are issued by an already generally trusted CA. I don’t want to have to install the CA cert on all my client machines.

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One possibility is to use subdomains for the different services, e.g. “openhab.iot.internal” and “grafana.iot.internal”. That’s the way I do it.

Otherwise you have to configure the reverse proxy to rewrite the paths. I think that all major webservers provide mechanisms for this.