openHAB 3.0 Milestone 3 discussion

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Some of the UI changes in that release:

Developer sidebar

You can now invoke a new “developer sidebar” from the developer tools menu or anywhere with the Shift+Alt+D keyboard shortcut - it will only be displayed to admins and if the window is large enough (1280 pixels wide or more) with a set of productivity tools when you’re configuring your system.

  • the search box/pinning feature will search items, things, rules (& scripts), and pages and will allow you to pin them on the sidebar. It’s only temporary because they will not be retained if you close it, but it can be handy to quickly control an item or go edit another object while you’re working on something;
  • the event monitor will display the raw events that arrive on the bus, eventually matching a topic filter (like openhab/items/ItemPrefix*/statechanged);
  • the widgets expression tester will help with the expressions that you can include in pages or widgets;
  • the scripting scratchpad will create a script named scratchpad if it isn’t present (asking you for your preferred language) or open it. You can use it to run code quickly;
  • the shortcuts on the last tab will save you a few clicks when you create objects

You can resize the sidebar if it’s too narrow:


Metadata editors for expire & widget order

The metadata namespaces are more accessible in the model editor, before you had an entry for every known namespace even if it was not used and they were hidden below 2 collapsible sections. Now you see only the namespace which are defined and can add more easily from the model editor.

openHAB has core support for expire functionality, compatible with the syntax of the former binding, except it’s metadata, so the UI has an editor for that.

the widgetOrder (Default Widget Order Index) metadata namespace allows you to reorder items when presented in autogenerated lists.

Bulk selection with keyboard

Instead of clicking on the Select link on the title bar in lists, if you have a keyboard, as opposed to a touch screen, you can Ctrl-click on the items to start the bulk edition (if you uncheck everything with Ctrl you’ll get back to the regular mode). You can also bulk delete or disable/enable things, or bulk disable/enable rules and scripts.


I like the new openhab 3 and I have moved 200+ items from 2.5 to 3.0.0 M3. I use a Pi4 with Openhabian.

It is great to have the possibility of making a model by using semantic classes.
In my model I have a Color Temperature for a Hue Light and I set the Semantic Class to SetPoint and the Semantic Property to ColorTemperature.

I works fine in the model, but I get the following error in openhab.log:

[WARN ] [mekit.internal.HomekitChangeListener] - Could not add device OfficeHue_ColorTemperature: Unsupported HomeKit type: DUMMY
[WARN ] [.accessories.HomekitAccessoryFactory] - Unsupported HomeKit type: Dummy

I see the same kind of errors for other Semantic Classes e.g. the Semantic Class Window for an Equipment group:

[WARN ] [mekit.internal.HomekitChangeListener] - Could not add device GuestroomWindowSensor: Missing mandatory characteristics
[WARN ] [.accessories.HomekitAccessoryFactory] - Unsupported HomeKit type: Dummy

I have no Homekit metadata for the items.
Do I misunderstand the use of Semantic Classes and models or it is a bug related to the Homekit integration?

I do not think any binding support the OH semantic classes.

This does appear to be an issue with HomeKit and not the model. The model itself is represented using Groups, tags, and metadata all of which the bindings should never see.

Thanks @Kai and team! I’ve been spending alot of time on OH3 M2 and I really like the enhancements.
I have a question regarding updating to OH3 M3. I used Openhabian on my rPi4 to do the initial install of OH3 M2. After a few tweaks, it’s running pretty solidly at the moment. Do you use Openhabian again to update to OH3 M3? If so, what menu do I do it in? I believe Openhabian 1.6 is still in beta for OH3.


Option 2


Thanks @denominator. I tried that option and it did not upgrade to OH3 M3. It’s still at OH3 M2 after running option 2. Is there a way I can invoke the upgrade manually?

Make sure you are running the openhab3 branch of the openabian tool

I selected the OH3 branch in Openhabian then ran option 2 again. No luck.

IMHO you should learn to take the crutches off and learn to walk without openhabian.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

That should do it unless it installed openhab from a manual zip download instead of the repo.

Edit: try selecting option 3. The milestone builds are in the ‘testing’ branch. Once you switch to the testing branch the above two commands are how you upgrade.


The snapshots and Milestones are in different branches.Snapshots are in Unstable and Milestones are in Testing.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

did the trick!



Marcus is going to have you crucified :rofl:


Hello folks
In latest milestone (or maybe even snapshot - I am on 2026), the "Show non-semantic’ check box in models doesn’t seem to be working I think. Was working until 2017. Could someone check, or is it just me.

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Am I the only one with issues with the rpm packages ?
yum/dnf upgrade results in:

Error unpacking rpm package openhab 3.0.0-S2028-1.noarch

The same happens with the milestone build M3.

EDIT 24.11.2020/20:40h: issue was a nfs mount with unsufficient permissions. issue solved

Very great news, this fine OH3 :o) I love it!
Actually trying (several times now) to directly upgrade my OH2 stuff to OH3 by copying my etc/openhab2/* to a new openhabian and the using “migrate to OH3” in “openhabian-config”.
Is it meant this way?
I think I learned to do the right clicks now, but it failed several times now, with different errors. Think this time will be the first with Milestone 3. And hope this time it will work.
So, can you confirm, what i am trying should work? :o)
Thanks for this great release! (i would like to hug all of you! sorry :blush:)

actually it takes 40min here:
2020-11-24_17:06:34_CET [openHABian] Installing selected openHAB version…
…but it will work this time! :slight_smile:

I am not sure. I run OH2 in a Linux VM. My current plan is to run OH3 in Docker on the same VM and use the remoteopenhab binding to migrate Items & rules to OH3. I can then cut over bindings (zwave, in my case) and just change the linking on OH3 Items.

As an OpenHAB user for almost 2 years, starting with the last v2.4 build and now at 2.5.9 I was interested to evaluate 3.0. Starting with 3.0.M1 through M3 I have been experimenting and investigating ways to integrate and migrate to 3.0 however, I feel as though I am missing something. I have not at this moment found a compelling reason to implement 3.0 as part of my production system. Perhaps my use case is unusual, but having invested significantly in hardware and time in building out a stable OpenHAB docker based system with hundreds of Things, even more Items, and Rules that automate most of the daily routine functions in a very stable environment, I am not finding the benefit in 3.0 for me. I have a few iPad Kiosks throughout the house for the occasional manual interactions and they use HabPanel as the primary interface and iOS app/Sitemaps for when I’m out of the house. I understand the motivation for 3.0 and I fully support the need for a stable/maintainable and open source code, so I’m not taking issue with the creation of 3.0, just for many of us migration to 3.0 may not be the first thing on our list of priorities even through I love to tinker. Further to that point, in my case about 70% of the Things (ISY,Panasonic,Epson) I have to use bindings that are currently not part of 3.0 builds, so I would need to rely heavily on the remoteOpenHAB binding to federate a 3.0 and 2.5x installation which works extremely well, but I keep asking why would I even do this with 70% of my Things running on 2.5x. So I come back to my question, Am I alone and what am I missing?

That is because they were designed to work with openHAB1.x and then were abandoned.Perhaps for you there was no value in moving to openHAB 2,

Many people are no comfprtable with old, unsupported software & any ensuing bugs. The last 2.x release is planned for early next year. Whatever drove you to move to OH2 may drive you to move to OH3.