openHAB 3.0 Model and Item files


I am using Sonfoff zigbee bridge in my deployment. So I have already configured Things and Items with files. My configuration is mainly MQTT based.

How can I also configure the “model” as displayed in openHAB 3.0 UI with files? They seem to me that the model is just “group” items + metadata, aren’t they?

How can I make the items for my things appear at the right place in the model? What do I need to add to the items files?

Can anybody show me an example?

Please refer first to detailed list of semantic model elements here: semantic tags.

Then create locations:

Group   gHouse  "House"     <heating>  ["House"]          {category="location"}

And then use appropriate elements of model

Switch      HH_PowermeterPlug01                                      "Universal[]"                                           <light>          (gFamilyRoom, gTasmota, gPersistenceSwitch)                                                  ["PowerOutlet"]    {channel="mqtt:topic:MyMQTTBroker:PowermeterPlug01:PowerSwitch", ga="Switch"}

Please note, that there can be only one element of the model active (as I checked). And it is the last element in attribute if you list more than one. So you cannot i.e. check two kinds of equipment (WallSwitch and Lightbulb).

BTW, it would be very helpful to see the standard configuration containing various elements created by maintainers to have a pattern for users installations.

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many thanks for the replies @hafniumzinc @aqq