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hi just upgraded openhabian. is it a known issue that a modified port is ignored by the upgrade procedure? my OH2 was running on port 8000, after upgrading it falls back to 8080

Just completed upgrade to OH3. I started with a new OpenHABain build.

I use text configuration so it was an absolute breeze. Most of my 280 or so items working in under an hour.

I’m now working on porting the HTTP config to the new binding - I didn’t count that in the upgrade time because v1 bindings are always going to take time to transfer. I am missing the “copy channel name to clipboard” that used to be in PaperUI - made getting item configs right first time much easier.

InfluxDB seems fine but I also log to jdbc-mariadb as I was halfway through migrating to Influx under OH2.

All I need now is a TCP binding to control my OpenEVSE. I had the v1 one running under OH2 but it had a memory leak so I needed to reboot every couple of days. Hopefully the new version is being worked on and won’t have that problem.

Cron based rules are working at the moment but should probably migrate to Scheduler.
I need to get Google Calendar working but that wasn’t complete in OH2 so the work is the same.

Thanks so much to the developers for a great system and an easy upgrade path (using text config anyway)


The scheduler is just a way to show when your cron and other time based rules. If you add a Schedule tag to your existing cron triggered rules they will show up there.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look at that.

BTW, getting the HTTP working was pretty straightforward using some examples from the forum.

It’s great to be able to do such a major upgrade in an afternoon - leaves lots of time to start looking at the new features.

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Could you please provide an example, how I can add a Schedule tag to text based rules?
Thank you in advance

I don’t think you can with rules DSL. For the other languages, it’s one of the arguments you pass when creating the rule.

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Looks like the current download page is not currently working. I could not select the platform. I used next instead and got the Windows file I wanted. Also, I could not reach the download page from the top menu. I had to use a direct link.
KR, Martin

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yesterday i started with a fresh OH3 and so far so good.
(too many troubles with the upgrade from 2.5)

my thoughts:

  1. i add a new thing -> channels -> add equipment to model = here i can only choose 1 Parent Group. this needs to be a multi-selection. (e.g. Hue Bulb, i want to have it in a “HUE” Parent Group and as well as in the specific “Room” Location) - i need to edit the model again to get it into 2 groups.

  2. Dashboard -> Locations = when i click on “Bedroom” it pops up and this new window is way to small, e.g. using a 4K Monitor and i need to adjust stuff in this little window, endless scrolling needed. makes no sense. also the color/image-header takes way too much space and the Icons in there are to big and clunky. make them in size adjustable or smaller please. and last but not least, a Thing should be written in White (Primary) and all those Items below should be grey (Secondary Stuff), its hard to distinguish Things quickly. overall this window/popup needs a redesign imo.

  1. Model Cards = should be possible to use HEX Color Codes or a ColorPicker, instead of just some (ugly) preset colors. Also text color should be changeable. e.g. on yellow BG its hard to read white text.

  2. Add Items from Thing = add new MODERN Icons to Category/OH. maybe make it possible to use those new “f7:icons” here too, they look way better then those oldschool 3D/Color Icons.

  3. Hiding an Item in the Dashboard would also be great. ( e.g. i want to change stuff with rules, where i need the item, but i don’t need the item to be seen in the Dashboard. (e.g. ALARM for Hue Bulbs)

  4. Overall i would wish i could change the styling of different Dashboard stuff myself, so that i can customize it to my likings. (BG-Colors, Font & Font-Colors, Size, Graph-/Chart-Color, etc.) i know its possible here and there, but its not consistent and not enough :smiley:

i think there is great potential in this new Dashboard, can’t wait to see where this is all going :slight_smile:
cheers and thanks for the great Update! :wink:

The HUE parent Group should not be in the model. Not all Groups or Items are required to nor are they expected to be a part of the model. From the model’s perspective, what is the HUE group anyway? It’s not a location. It’s not an Equipment.

Just to be clear, that is the Equipment, not the Thing. Equipment can have Items linked to more than one Thing or even more than one binding.

This is already possible. Click the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of the tab on the overview page you want to edit. From there you can reorder and check only those entities you want to show.

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I found the following issues and do not know where to report them:

  1. Using of item-Search: If I put in a part of some items it will present me the items I am looking for. But if I go into a Item and get back the search entry is still there but not the search result. Then I have to reenter it so switch to the next item.

  2. For any reason it is replicable that in the semantic model some points switch out of their equipment. When I delete the Equipment and reenter all Points it occurs that another Equipment is going to be split

  3. The editor for the Sitemap is very nice. But why would them not be saved in the ‘Sitemaps’-Folder and used by the system. This have to be done manually. This makes no sence to me to say it clear - but I know that scheme is correct :smiley:

At least: Very good work. Thank you very to everybody for the invested time.

For 1 and 2 I suggest filing an issue. For 3, it’s the same reason why Things are not written out to .things files, Items are not written to .items files, Rules are not written to .rules files when done through the UI.

There is no code today that is capable of writing out to these file formats and sorting this data in the JSONDB is the more natural format for OH.

If you want to use those other files you can and are encouraged to do so. But that means you can’t use the Ui to do anything with them. So if you want to use. sitemap files, you can do so. But you’ll have to write the fingers yourself, you can’t use the UI.

Thanks Rich for your fast reply.
1 and 2 I figure out how to do.

Yes I understand. But it was a good way to save the work done fast and easily. Tell me when I am wrong the constructed sitemap should available in the mobile device app, right?! Not at my installation. Only if I export the sitemap to a file.

I don’t use sitemaps but it should work I think.

I’m having a lot of issues upgrading from 2.5 to 3.0. Already 2 days bugfixing my code because of a lot changes.

I was stuck on the getMonth last couple of hours.

Can someone explain te me how this works?

    var Number Day = now.getDayOfWeek
    var Number Month = now.getMonth

    logInfo("test", Month.toString)

gives as result:

2021-01-02 16:14:31.910 [INFO ] [org.openhab.core.model.script.test  ] - JANUARY

In openhab2 the log would say the variable Month = 1 and not JANUARY. I use it to check for christmas stuff etc. but this is pretty strange.

I used it to convert it to Dutch via transform, so 1=Januari. I already changed that to JANUARY=Januari.

So my problem is solved but i just don’t understand why openhab converts 1 to JANUARY.

Is there a possibility to use the new Home UI on the (Android) App? Or do one need to choose if he wants to use the Sitemaps in the App or the new Home UI in a browser?

As was covered in the release notes, Joda DateTime was replaced with ZonedDateTime
Joda is an old third party library and there is no reason to depend on it when Java comes with it’s own library to do the same thing.

To get the month as a number use getMonthValue instead of getMonth. The full docs for ZonedDateTime is at ZonedDateTime (Java SE 11 & JDK 11 )