openHAB 3.1 is here!

Dear community,

We are proud to release another stable openHAB version today! Following our bi-annual release cycle, openHAB 3.1 has just been published.
Please see the release notes on Github and find a small release blog post on our website.

openHAB 3.x now had 6 months to mature and while it was already very stable with the 3.0 release in December, there are always some people that avoid dot-zero releases.
With reaching 3.1 there should really be no reason to be afraid anymore - it has been in use in so many production setups with very diverse configurations that stability is ensured.
By now all development has moved to openHAB 3 and we see a great activity on the bindings. So for everyone that wants to stay on a well maintained version, it is highly recommended to migrate to version 3.1.

We wish you much fun with the new release! Please report back your experience, feedback and questions on this topic. Thanks!


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