openHAB 3.1 Release discussion

Can’t tell for sure but I’d guess you didn’t properly configure the whitelist as is needed for executeCommand().

People, please, again: don’t post any of your issues in this thread unless you have identified them to be specific to 3.1 and a generic problem to potentially affect everybody, i.e. not caused by your config or rules. Open your own thread, please.

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but executeCommandLine is used which does not require whitelisting.

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Thank you for your answer, but my problem with importing Java classes is with every openHAB Java class.
I have edited my original post.

Just upgraded from latest 3.0.x to 3.1 on my production system. Big mistake.

OpenHab is down, UI not reachable after reboot, OpenHab logs empty, nothing OpenHab specific ins syslog that I can see. OpenHab service is shown as active.

The only thing that looks suspicious is a bunch of FireMotD related parsing errors in syslog. Any suggestions?


Update: Updated FireMotD via openhabian-config, FireMotD errors gone, OpenHab still down with empty logs (length = 0), absolutely nothing in system logs that I can find…

Update 2: eventually got resolved with a bit of fiddling, thanks to a hint from Wolfgang_S, for details see this thread:

Hi all! in my case I had to rollback to 3.1.0 M5 again since after updating (done the upgrade and then after it failed I did a complete install from start) OH didn’t show any of my things.
I’m using a things file. The file was the exact same used in M5, in fact after the rollback I used the same file.
The only “customizations” I’m using is that I use the Sony TV binding, but I don’t think that it is the issue since if it doesn’t work it just doesn’t work but OH will work anyway (happened before). I also use a script for Tuya lamps.

Saddly I cannot upload the log because I had to rollback and didn’t back it up but this error was shown (it was larger, this is just the beginning that I rescued from my google search history)


[WARN ] [ab.core.thing.type.ThingTypeRegistry] - bundle org.openhab.core.thing:3.1.0

And also this was part of the error:

openhab ThingTypeRegistry(247)] : Could not get service from ref


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I managed to fix my problem by uninstalling some dependencies stated in the Sony TV binding thread. It was this binding after all.
OH 3.1.0 is working now.

Check my post there if you are having issues like mine:

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I seem to have this same issue with my Denon X2300W receiver. Wasn’t sure whether the upgrade to OH 3.1 was to blame or the recent firmware update I did on the Denon.

Keep me in the loop on this one if you will :slight_smile:


I found another issue. I needed to add/download the additional add-ons which are not in the official addon repo again into the addon folder. Otherwise they won’t recognized. In the milestone builds this was not an issue.

Sure - I will - as soon as I find out what’s causing it.
It seems that more than just the channels above are not updated properly.

Why is that?
I use start up rules as well and I am pretty happy with it.
(Although on openhab 3.0.2 system started as a trigger did not work)

Same problems here, i didn’t find any topic about this so created this one:


I cannot find the threads here in the forum right now, but afaik using startup text (DSL) rules should be avoided due to different issues that can come up. examples are timing or things like I am experiencing where builtin libraries are not loaded when the rule is executed (I had to introduce a sleep so that logInfo is available).
Another example: system started did work for me on OH 3.0.2…

Florian, did you find a solution ? I get the same issue with OH 3.1
I searched all fora for openhab to find a solution, but nothing seems to work. The remark that we have to whitelist isnt explained either, the key question is which classes do exist and if needed to whitelist, how to do that.

Script execution of rule with UID ‘e475b81b79’ failed: org.graalvm.polyglot.PolyglotException: TypeError: Access to host class org.openhab.core. is not allowed or does not exist

I am trying to find a way to get javascript to execute the sendHttpPutRequest again…

It’s not so much “should be avoided” as “limitations should be understood”. And yes, there can be timing issues in relation to other system services also starting up.
There’s no problem with self contained tasks like setting up some variables, or starting a timer for later actions.

The short answer here is that the new GraalVM JavaScript addon has almost nothing in common with the built in Nashorn JavaScript support. So pretty much everything is going to work differently. Unfortunately there are not a whole lot of examples of docs written for this add-on yet so your best bet will be to look at the README and actual code at GitHub - jpg0/ohj: Openhab Javascript Library for examples on how to use it.

As you figure it out I’m certain contributions to the docs would be most welcome.

Most of those issues were fixed in OH 3. OH 3 introduced startup levels which makes it possible to delay the execution of startup rules until the rest of OH is ready. However the way that system started rule triggers changed. In OH 2 when you reload a .rules file it will trigger the system started rules. That is not longer the case. Instead system started rules only run when the system started. If OH is already up and running and you load a .rules file, the system started rules will not trigger again because the system has already started.

There was an issue to add a new rule loaded trigger but I don’t know the status of that.

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Hi all,

I have just upgraded my OH 3.0.2 to the 3.1.0. Both on Docker through Synology.

Everything is OK except these two error lines (in ‘openhab.log’):

2021-07-04 20:42:29.452 [WARN ] [ty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory.config] - Trusting all certificates configured for Client@3f172cc3[provider=null,keyStore=null,trustStore=null]
2021-07-04 20:42:29.459 [WARN ] [ty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory.config] - No Client EndPointIdentificationAlgorithm configured for Client@3f172cc3[provider=null,keyStore=null,trustStore=null]

Is there a way to solve this problem?

I read some previous comments about the same problem but I did not find a solution.

Thanks a lot for your help.


They are warnings an can be ignored. See Some bindings give ssl warnings after 3.0.1.M3 (were ok in 3.0.1.M2) · Issue #10446 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub
You can filter them out by using an expression in the logging setup.


Sorry, but at the moment I have no idea of using the openHAB core actions.

I am only able to import the services which are pre-included in the Nashorn JavaScript support.

// import in Nashorn JS pre-included services
var { itemRegistry, things, rules, events, actions } = require('@runtime')