Openhab 3.2 mqtt persistence

Hello Community,
After the migration from Openhab 2.5 to 3.2 my MQTT persistence doesn’t work anymore. From the docs I cannot figure out how to repair this.
broker (activemq) running on same raspberry as Openhab.
Openhab 3.2 installed (upgrade) from a Debian package.
File /etc/persistence/mqtt.persist has a valid (at least in Openhab 2.5) contents that would persist many items.
File /etc/services/mqtt.cfg has everything commented out.
File /etc/services/mqtt-eventbus.cfg has everything commented out.
File /etc/services/mqtt-persistence.cfg defines the broker, topic and message.
After a restart, the karaf console’s log:display shows a line “The persistence add-on ‘mqtt’ does not exist - ignoring it.”.

There is no such thing as MQTT Persistence in OH 3. It was only ever supported in the 1.x version of the binding, and even then it was only barely supported since the addition of the MQTT Event Bus feature.

mqtt.cfg, mqtt-eventbus.cfg, and mqtt-persistence.cfg are no longer used. You’ll have to look at the MQTT add-on docs for how to create an MQTT Broker Thing with the connection info and then follow the link below for how to set up the publishing part of the MQTT EventBus post.

See Marketplace MQTT Event Bus.

Hi Rich,

Thank you for your answer, I am going to give it a try!

P.S. I have edited this answer, because at first I could not find the add-ons. But I found them at Settings->other add-ons.

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