openHAB 3.4 has arrived!

Fully in line with the promised schedule, we have published openHAB 3.4 today!

Please take some time to read through our release notes on Github and also check the (very few) breaking changes before doing the upgrade.

Please also note our release announcement blog post if you want to share the news on social media.

You can get the 3.4 release from our download page or directly through your favorite Linux package manager.

Any discussions with regards to this release can be done in this new topic.

As always, I like to thank everyone that was involved in making this release possible. There are always hundreds of people involved and it is not possible to name them all and thank them individually, but please note that every contribution is highly valued and it is wonderful to have such a thriving community.

I wish you all much fun with the new release, smooth upgrades, creative new automation rules and hopefully a few days off from your work and having time for your families and of course for your favorite hobby!


We have just published a first patch release 3.4.1 with a few bug fixes.
Please see the release notes for the fixes that are included. There is no need to update your installation, if none of these fixes is relevant to you.