Openhab 3 main ui late response and number of items

Dear all

I’m running openhab 3.1.0 snapshot 2165 on an hyper-v ubuntu 20.04 virtual machine
12 gb ram
130 gb hard disk

I have 3137 items, 190 thinks (great part in .items and .things files), a lot of rules (in .rules file) ,

(The area marked in red is expandable and showed based on the state of some items (about 60 list item).
The pictures are only for overview page.)

I have also 30 pages and a consistent overview pages and about 20 customs widget (I used them to have same view for same device, using a lot of condition to show or hide some rows or icon based on type of device…)

I noticed a consistent delay in response of UI (about 2-4) seconds from click to the called page opening…
Has some one else noticed this ?

I think you might be stretching the limits of the pages/widgets system. The performance is not where I want it to be unfortunately, and I tried to improve it but it turns out it’s hard to make significant optimizations without sacrificing features (like the reactive visible property for every component).

My advice would be to try reorganizing your pages to have more of them but make them simpler. You can use actions to make clickable buttons/items which will drill down to details in a separate page (or popup) instead of making collapsible lists, for instance. It’s also IMHO better design especially on small screens to have several layers of navigation with a coherent menu/hierarchy (a bit like sitemaps!) instead of endlessly scrolling a page crammed with information.

By the way the performance in this area largely depends on the specs of your client device, not the server.

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Dear Yannick
Thanks for your answer,

I Already use page, action and popup also in widget and sidebar menu

I try to better explain the situation:
Overview Page:

Pink Area is a dynamic area (rows, list item and visible property based on item status)
pink, green and light blue area call different pages (action in list-item) and can have corrispondence in sidebar menù

in sidebar there are link to other pages (gray highlighted) that aren’t in overview page (full yaml code in overview.txt attached
overview.txt (61.8 KB)

I also try from early snapshot of OH3 to use widget, but maybe my approach to widget is wrong
for example I have some different shelly devices used with mqtt (shelly1, shelly2.5 used for switch or rollershutters, shelly EM, shelly HT) and the approach for widget is: put in all the properties and information concerning different device, I declare the type of device and then in runtime hide the row not used for that type of device; see shellywidget.txt attached.
shellywidget.txt (13.0 KB)

the widget call (action) another widget passing to it items with actionModalConfig:
see shellyinfo.txt attached
shellyinfo.txt (7.4 KB)

and this is an example of how I use the widget in the pages, see luci.txt attached
luci.txt (21.6 KB)

other types of widget/pages uses the same approach.

the question is (and please forgive me but I havent understood from your answer, but not for your fault but for my level of english) this approach can reduce the performance and cause the delay in response of UI? if yes what is the right approach?

I have the same delay from external network from smartphone but also from browser on the server that host the linux VM with ubuntu with OH3 intalled.

From the Hyperview I don’t see any peak for VM cpu (max reached 18%, in the picture after clicking on “luci” voices of sidebar, CPU go up to 8%)

host system cpu is generally around 50%

When I click on sidebar or overview to chaqnge page or to go to home, cpu grow up to 100% and after the page is loaded return back to about 50%.

the daly is the same from external network/mobile device.

I don’t know if this information can be useful, I think that the problem is mine and due to my approach for ui settings or widget or to my hardware/software configuration, but I’m not so skilled to understand/solve the situation.

thanks for your support and if needed, or can be useful to help you to improve the UI, ask me to make other try or send you other information.

If you need tobetter see or investigate to improve the OH3 project I can also enable you to access the system via RDP, there are no prblems for my side, I’m not so interesting for hacker and I don’t have secrets to defend :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer and the widget descriptions, maybe you run into a fixable bottleneck, if I have time I’ll try to import them into an instance and check it out.

thanks Yannick

I wait for your suggestion.

thanks again.