OpenHAB 4.0 stopped visualizing data in a chart

Since I upgraded from OpenHAB 3.4 to OpenHAB 4.0, I noticed that sometimes OpenHAB stops visualizing data in a chart. It happens today (see the following screenshot taken at 8h20)

The current version of OpenHAB is 4.0.3. It is hosted within a Docker container on my NAS (Synology). I have to stop and restart the container to fix the problem. It seems that it is an issue with the persistence service (RR4D4J) since data were not recorded. When I restart the OpenHAB container, data are again stored but there are missing data (see the following screenshot)

I had a look into the log file and did not see a warning/error when OpenHAB stopped storing tha data (around 4h42 this morning).

Any advice to fix the problem ? Thanks in advance.

Sounds similar to All persistence stopped saving data suddenly (mapDB not active) . RRD4J is mentioned in that thread as well.

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I did open an issue to this bug. Maybe you can post your problem there with some more details to support the issue and help the maintainers more to solve it.

Thanks for having pointing me a similar post. I will have a look at it. By the way, did you try the last version of OpenHAB : 4.1.M3 ? Does this version have the same bug ?

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