openHAB 4 SMTP configuration

Hello everyone,

I’m still fairly new to openHAB. The first time I used it is version 4.

I have configured the SMTP settings (up and running and online) but can’t get channels, or alerts setup around this.

I have successfully setup email alerts via Google email in LibreNMS, which worked straight away.

I can’t find any decent tutorials on how to do this in openHAB4, but would be happy to write one up for everyone’s future reference.



The SMTP Thing only supports sending emails. As such there are no Channels, just Actions that can be called from a rule. From the docs:

There are no channels for the smtp thing.

See Mail - Bindings | openHAB for the Rule Actions you can call and examples for how to use them.

If you want to receive email into OIH, you’ll need to set up an IMAP or POP 3 Thing. These Things do have channels.

Except for the screen shots being outdated, How to configure the Mail Binding to use GMail for sending email from openHAB is still relevant.