Openhab 4 Translation Fallback in Main Ui

Hello everyone,
I successfully migrate to Openhab 4 (from 3.4 / docker Version) and everything seems to work fine :).
The only thing I recognize is that the translation in the Main Ui sometimes switches between German and English (seems that it fallback to english)
Is there some know issue or a cache that i could clean?
Thank you very much

The Main UI is not yet fully translatable, see also this comment.

There are also some known issues with getting the REST API to return translated responses:

Sometimes strings are translatable but haven’t yet been translated.

You can help with adding translations on Crowdin:

If you create a screenshot of the UI we can see which of these known issues you run into.

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Hi @wborn ,
Thank you for your reply. I know that some parts are not yet translated (e.g. settings) and I’m fine with this.
I my case the “problem” occurs in the tab “Geräte” or “Eigenschaften” as you can see in the screenshot

With Openhab 3.4 it was always fully translate, with openhab 4 it sometimes switches back to english. Going to the setting menu and open the regional settings and saving it without changing anything, changes the language back to german. After some hours or days IT switches back to english.

I think that is a new issue. Perhaps you can create an issue for it in the issue tracker?

Something similar was also reported here:

Created an issue Openhab 4 translation fallback in main Ui · Issue #2006 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub.
If you need futher data or information, let me know.

Yesterday i deleted the browser cache and the openhab cache as described in Clear the Cache, but this didn’t resolved the problem.