Openhab alexa Item solution

Hi all,

i search for the best possibilitie for alexa openhab items. i have my things and items in paperui wehre i can not add the alexa tags right? but i have items in config files from 1.x bindings too. my idea was i create items for alexa only in config files and its functional proberly. but the same items in the sitemap have the same status as before. We can i use seperatly alexa items that update the status on the original item in the sitemap? Thanks!


Alexa only Item / Configured in PaperUi:

Dimmer EG_WZ_Esslampe_Alexa “Wohnzimmer Esslampe” [“Lighting”] {channel=“milight:rgbLed:ACCF23914298:2:ledbrightness”}

Someone also wrote a little Java program that lets you add tags to your PaperUI Items but I can’t seem to find the posting.