Openhab and opessprinkler getting started


I am a complete Noob at this, so apologies if I am asking dumb questions, but here goes.

I am trying to set up oprnsprinkler in Openhab. I have added the binding, and can now switch the stations on and off from within openhab. However I want to set up an interface where a user can set a watering time, then start the watering seession & see a watering time countdown in thopenhab user interface.

I am pretty sure this is possible, but haven’t a clue where to start re setting it up. Can anyone give me some pointers, or point me at some good tutorials/docs re how toset this stuff up?

I have searched the forums and cant immediately see anything.

Thanks in advance for any help

You have 2 different names posted. If you mean opensprinkler Google says the binding documentation is here.

Sometimes you need to be more abstract. It doesn’t matter that you use opensprinkler, rather than gardena or a bunch of relays. What you want to do is control irrigation.

or if it is the scheduling user interface that is giving you trouble


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