openHAB and Tasmotized ESP8266

In the Tasmota console. Enter “SetOption19 0”. Then use the “HomeAssistant MQTT Component” in the MQTT binding.

There is no way for me to have these devices working with openHAB. Actually I am quite discouraged. First time I applied for understanding openHAB, I am back now and I still find openHAB extremely complicated. I do not understand where I am doing wrong. So far I have only shelly devices discovered and working. Samsung TV…no way…tasmota device …no way…amazon echo dot 4…stucked on “initializing”. I wonder if it is wise to invest effort and time in studying openhab and mqtt and all the rest…

Tasmota devices work perfectly in openHAB via MQTT. Did you try that, or are you sticking with WeMo?

First of all let me say that most probably my problem is my “insufficient” knowledge. I do not know for others, but I find this subject quite complex.
That said, I changed the tasmotized device settings but something is not clear - now - how to set up MQTT. Do I need MQTT “software” like mosquito?..I am pretty confused about this. If you, guys, can guide me I would appreciate.
Second issue is with echo dot 4. OpenHAB is stuck on “initializing”…what do I do wrong? :sneezing_face:

Start a new thread with this. We cannot see what you did at all, remember. Give some details there, and copy/paste complete messages. Look in your openhab.log for relevant stuff.

That si ok…could someone guide through MQTT settings…I am struggling but some confusion is drivong me mad.

You mention that you just have a ESP8266 switch. Maybe try this tutorial?

well. I went through the tutorial but I am not able to identify the broker hostname/IP to link the broker to the bridge :rage:

OK. If you have a question then let us know what you’ve tried and we might be able to help. Finding out the IP address of a device in your home network can be done many ways (see Google), but we’ll have to know what device you installed Mosquitto on in order to continue.

Well let me summarize.
OpenHAB is working with shellys devices, therefore we can assume the setup IS correct.
Follwing you can find the information from the tasmotized device.
For my understanding my local host is MY PC, so no big issue to find the IP. I know my router IP, my provider IP, all my devices IP. Nevertheless no way to get rid of the “COMM
ERROR” from openHAB

Program Version	9.5.0(tasmota)
Build Date & Time	2021-06-17T08:26:35
Core/SDK Version	2_7_4_9/2.2.2-dev(38a443e)
Uptime	0T00:00:39
Flash write Count	3980 at 0xFB000
Boot Count	100
Restart Reason	Software/System restart
Friendly Name 1	MCU2_1
Friendly Name 2	MCU2_2
AP1 SSId (RSSI)	SuperWiFi (84%, -58 dBm) 11n
Hostname	tasmota_D90C03-3075
MAC Address	A4:CF:12:D9:0C:03
IP Address (wifi)
Subnet Mask
DNS Server
MQTT Host	
MQTT Port	1883
MQTT Client	DVES_D90C03
MQTT Topic	tasmota_%06X
MQTT Group Topic 1	cmnd/tasmotas/
MQTT Full Topic	cmnd/tasmota_D90C03/
MQTT Fallback Topic	cmnd/DVES_D90C03_fb/
MQTT No Retain	Disabled
Emulation	Belkin WeMo
ESP Chip Id	14224387 (ESP8266EX)
Flash Chip Id	0x1640EF
Flash Size	4096 kB
Program Flash Size	1024 kB
Program Size	607 kB
Free Program Space	396 kB
Free Memory	26.1 kB

All we can assume from this sentence is that openHAB is running, your Shelly devices are running, and you’ve managed to integrate the two so you can control your Shelly’s from openHAB. It says nothing about anything else, much less your Tasmota devices and integration trials. Unless you’re secretly suggesting that your Shelly’s connect to openHAB via MQTT?

We’re not going to guess this snippet - please copy and paste the relevant parts of the log and share inside code fences.

Great! So for the Tasmota MQTT Host field just enter the IP address of the machine onto which you installed Mosquitto.

Oh, interesting. You actually still want to go the WeMo way? I don’t know if the two are compatible.

I think you might review how MQTT works.
Everybody involved talks to a broker, a middleman.
openHAB MQTT binding wants to connect to a broker.
The Tasmota devices want to connect to a broker.
They never talk directly to each other.
The broker is not part of openHAB.
The broker is not part of Tasmota.

It’s a separate service that is up to you to provide.
People often use Mosquitto, but it is not the only broker.
There’s no reason you shouldn’t run a broker on the same box as openHAB, if it is convenient.
It remains a separate service on that box.

If you use openhabian to manage your openHAB installation, openhabian can also manage some common add-ons like Mosquitto.

You don’t have to use MQTT at all, but it is what Tasmota was originally created for. A great many people use it this way.
If you’d rather use WeMo emulation instead, carry on and ignore MQTT, but not many other people do it this way with openHAB.


Oh, interesting. You actually still want to go the WeMo way? I don’t know if the two are compatible.

No, that was because I had to reflash the configuration and it was back to the original one.

thanks for the explanation. It helps me.

BTW After setting the local host to, the thing “MQTT broker” in openHAB is ONLINE. I am trying to understand what the next step is. Just note that if I use NO emulation in tasmotized device, Echo dot is not controlling the device. In other words it seems Alexa can control the device only if set to WeMo way (…hope I made myself clear)

To expand on

You would configure openHAB to publish (talk) on certain topics, and subscribe (listen to) other topics, by configuring MQTT Things and channels.
That’s useless until you also configure each Tasmota to listen to particular topics and talk on other topics as well.

Decide if you want Alexa to control the device directly, or if you want Alexa to do this via openHAB. This seems to control your other choices.

Ok, so far the theory is ok.
It is quite frustrating working with openHAB and all related issues. I am close to throw everything into the garbage bin. I followed the tutorial at this link:

BTW…I have:

  • openHAB MQTT broker ONLINE and bridge thing configured (step 1 tutorial);
  • tasmotized device MQTT set as required…User…topic and so on, (step 2 & 3 tutorial)
  • openHAB configure to connect to the device; (step 4 tutorial)
  • openHAB configured to control device (step 5)
  • Mosquitto in working as I checked with netstat -an and port 1883 under IP is connected/established;
    …nevertheless…the switch DOES not activate the device.
    What else can I try/check???

Using a 3rd party diagnostic tool like Mqtt.fx, you can listen in to your broker to eavesdrop on traffic.
Then you see who says what, and who ignores it.

Well, I am really pissed off. I had enough. Thank you for your support but I will uninstall everything and spent time on my boat fishing rather than this BS openHAB…bye.

Sounds more appropriate. Enjoy the fish!

Well, really. Not one person offered to go round there and sort it all out.

The one thing that I see that might have been an issue is the ip address of the mqtt broker. is a special address used as “localhost”. This means that your PC will be able to connect to itself using that ip just fine. However, when other devices on the network try to use it, they will attempt to connect to themselves rather than your pc. You’ll have to figure out the PCs ip address given to it by the router. This is usually something like 192.168.0.?.

@vince59, if you decide to try any more here or on any technical thing in the future, you really need to give better details. Instead of saying “I configured the device like the tutorial says,” you should give specifics. Like:

Tasmota settings:
Mqtt host:
User : mqttu
Pass: mqttp
Topic: tasmota/whatever

Openhab settings:
Mqtt host:

And so on and so forth. Give all the details since you are confused and don’t know which ones are relevant.

People here can give a lot of help, but you need to give them details that they need so they can recognize what’s wrong. Threatening to quit over and over isn’t super helpful either. Either stick with it, or don’t, but that’s up to you and doesn’t really affect anybody else much.