openHAB App on Android 8 showing strange notifications


today i came across a rather strange phenomenon: I use a openHAB 2.2.0 installation on Raspian which is connected to On three Android devices i use the official openHAB App, on one Android 8 device the release version is installed, on the other two Android 7 devices i’m testing the beta release. Everything worked fine until today, when on the Android 8 device all of a sudden notification messages appeared:

I’ve never implemented those notifications in my installation, so they look like they’re coming from some other installation… but where do they come from?

BTW: When looking into the notifications history on the Android 8 device or on i can’t see those notifications…

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@digitaldan, looks like this probably has returned.

@happenpappen can you send an email to with the email address you used to register with? I will take a look at it shortly.

Thanks for investigating, i’ve just sent the mail…

Hello, I got following screen in the Android App because internet connection issues. The Username and Password is shown, what is not good… :thinking:

@gosouth Seems that you enabled debug mode. Can you disable it in the settings?

Hello, yes. I figured it out short after posting this issue.
I think this is a concept definition: to display all in debug mode. I prefer to have the password hidden.

Thank you very much.

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Since a couple of days I have the same strange notifications on my android smartphone. There are notifications like

  • The front door has been opened.
  • The front door is un-locked.
  • Your home alarm has been armed in stay mode.

These notifications are only shown in the android notification bar, not in the app. In the app I can only see notifications which I suppose to see there. All my notifications are written in german language. :slight_smile:
Same when I log into I can see my “own” notifications but not the ones mentioned above.

openHAB 2.3.0 running on CentOS
App: openhab 2.2.0 / 22.05.2018

Hi Stefan, can you email and provide the email you used to register with? I will take a look. There is a known bug that we are still trying to hunt down where push notifications get sent to to the wrong device.

Mail sent, thanks!

I just got someone elses push notifications as well… Sent an email.