openHAB binding for meater probes

I will start to create a binding for the Meater probes offered by

Public API available on:

I will keep you updated of the work in this thread.


@jannegpriv , any updated/progress on this topic? Thanks!

I have a first version that you can test:


@jannegpriv , thank you. Binding installed without problems, bridge is online, meater is online and cloud is activated - but there are no probes showing up in the inbox.
Question: I do have a meater BLOCK with four probes. Could this be the problem?

Managed to find out the IDs via the REST API from Meater and installed the probes manually as workaround :slight_smile:

But besides the not working discovery, the binding works like a charm - thank you!

Thanks for testing! :slight_smile:

It seems like the API call for devices gets empty array when you are not connected via the app at the same time, when I connect via the Meater app the API starts to respond correctly.

I will add that info to the README file.