Openhab cloud, push notifications not working

I’ll take a look and see if i can find something in the logs.


Hi @digitaldan,
thanks for taking the topic up again. Please let me know if I can provide you any additional information, any logs or tests to do. The notifications are the missing puzzle piece in my smart home config.

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Same issue here, since 4 days.
Notifications appear in myopenhab, test-notifications from myopenhab pop up and in the app I can see the latest list of notifications. only push doesn’t work. On two different iPhones, XR and 12.

Same issue from several days. Doesn’t work on 2 iPhones, i.e. no push notification, but I can see the notifications list within openhab mobile app.

It works with the same account:

  • test-notifications from myopenhab

  • push-notification on Android device.

Right now it´s working again - w/o any change on my side. Strange…

I confirm too. Now it is working. Thanks.

Hello there.
It seems like this old issue is here again. Currently I observe the same situation as described in this thread.

  • I am using ios
  • I can send notifications from my openhab instance to myopenhab
  • I can see the notifications in the web interface and in the app
  • I can sent test push notifications to my phone
  • But I do not get a push notification, when a rule sends a notification

The bespoken service might be stuck again. @digitaldan could you please have a look?
Thank you very much and have nice easter holidays.


Same for me - notifications from openhab on ios not working.
I can see my notifications on the cloud web interface and I can send a test message.
But notifications from my openhab rules are not working.

Hallo there!

Me and my friends have the same problem. Messages go via the web interface, I can see the messages in the app, but they just don’t arrive on the iPhones/Ipads. Who can you contact to solve the problem? thanks in advance

Same here.

Hi all,

same here, I do receive Test Notifications if send via, but no notification shows up if it is triggered via rules.
But I can see all the notifications if I have a look into the iOS app under System > Benachrichtigungen (Phone is set to German).

What I already tried:

  • Clean start of my openhab instance
  • Including clearing the cache
  • Restart of my iPhone
  • deleted the Device in
  • readded it

At the moment I do not now what to do else.

BR Andreas

Same here.
Notify from web to device is working.
Notify from rules is not (yes, the rules are okay)
Would be nice if there is a fix for it.

My wife and I have also had this problem for a few days (I haven’t changed anything in the setup). We no longer receive push notifications on either iPhone. However, the notifications are displayed in the app. @digitaldan It seems to affect several people here. Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

I just noticed i am having the same issue. It might have started yesterday, but it was in full force today. No notifications being sent to my iPhone or iPad even though they are logged by openHAB

UPDATE: As of this morning, April 3, Notifications seem to be working again.

UPDATE2: Notifications are again NOT working. April 4

Same here

as I am facing the exact same problem, I just registered for this community.
At first I had assumed that the lack of notification push messages began when updating my iPhone 13 Pro to iOS 17.4.1, but I’m not sure if the timing wasn’t a coincidence.
I also tried the previously mentioned steps, but nothing seems to help. Notifications can still be viewed in the app, but push doesn’t work anymore.
Like some others here, i am from Germany. Maybe this problem has something to do with localization or time zone topics?
I would appreciate, if this could be solved soon!
Best regards

Same problem here. If I send a test-notification from myopenhalbcloud, it is working (push and sound), but it is not working from my rules, this “rule-notification” is visible in the OH App under notifications but no push and no sound on the iPhone.

Was around the same time for me now that I am thinking about it…

I stopped getting notifications (banners) Sunday (March 31).

I have the same issue from about 2 weeks ago. Screen notifications in iOS just stopped. But they are all in the notifications section of app and browser.
Same on wife’s phone too. I haven’t changed iOS version so can only think the app has some issue?