openHAB crashes non WebKit browsers. Normal?

I’m running openHAB 1.8.2 on Windows 10 using the demo files. I’ve displayed the classic UI using MS Edge and MS Internet Explorer 11.

I expected some non-conformance (IE fails to show the “Back” buttons) but it’s worse than I imagined. Within a few clicks (opening the Weather group), both browsers cease functioning to the point I have to end the tasks.

I’m surprised to see the “non compliance” is so extreme it causes the browsers to lock up. Is this normal behaviour?

Because of your question I used MS Edge for the first time since I installed W10 a couple of months ago and YES, it crashes …OH 1.8.2.
But I cannot answer your question if this is “normal behaviour” :grin:

OK, so causing the two browsers to lock up isn’t limited to my PC. The only question remaining is this typical behaviour for openHAB or something new in 1.8.2? I have no experience with previous versions so I can’t compare.

There is an issue with 1.8.2 regarding gui updates, but not crashes:

Continuing the discussion from Switch, Setpoint broken after 1.8.2 upgrade:

In my one year experience with OH I learned to use either Firefox or even better Chrome to not have any problems …

I just tested 1.8.2 with Safari (iPad Mini, iOS 8.4.1) and the demo worked perfectly.

I also tested it with the stock browser in a Blackberry Playbook and it worked well. Its browser is based on WebKit.

I repeated the test using Internet Explorer on Windows 8.1 and the browser locked up.

It would appear that Edge and IE11 cannot be used with openHAB 1.8.2.

Same issue with Edge browser under Windowsmobile 10.
So there is no option to use openHab unter Windowsmobile 10.
sad, sad, sad … :sob:

For futher information see

Most important comment:

Hi, please note that the Classic-UI does only work on webkit based browser which IE does not belong to :slight_smile: Best, Thomas E.-E.

Edge is EdgeHTML-based, so I guess we won’t have support for it (and for me personally I don’t need it). :sunglasses:

Still sad.
because on the back-side we say. openhab is vendor free/open
on the front side say: We only support selected/hipp an opensource interfaces (iOS, Androis, Linux, Mac, etc.). And windowsmobile/Edge Browser is not hipp enough to come in focus …

that is inconsistent …