openHAB for Kodi


I created an user interface add-on for the multi platform media center SW Kodi (formerly XBMC) to control an openHAB instance from within Kodi. You can watch the state of your openHAB items, get updates for items that have changed, and set the state of items. It uses the openHAB REST API to get/set items and widgets states.

Updates of the top level page (a.k.a. homepage) don’t work - probably due to a openHAB issue (see also notes in I have been thinking about a workaround but as I don’t need it I didn’t implement that so far.


  1. Download latest zip file from and copy it into a path that is accessible from your Kodi box. In Kodi open SettingsAdd-onsInstall from zip file -> Navigate to the ZIP file and install it. The add-on depends on the requests add-on which should be automatically installed if it is missing on your machine so far.

  2. Open the add’on’s settings dialog and adjust at least the Server Address and Sitemap options (see screenshot below). Note that you can also use the Select Sitemap... action to get a list of sitemap’s on your openHAB server, but you have to enter and store (using the OK button!!!) the server address once before the add-on is able to get the correct list from your openHAB server.

The sources can be found here:

Screenshot using openHAB’s demo configuration:

Please let me know if you interrested in this add-on.

Best regards



That is pretty cool, will have a look at it this weekend. :smiley:

New version 1.0.1: Improved error and strange group widgets handling. Have fun.


Cool. Quick question: I’m running Kodi on my Amazon Fire TV. Are there any obstacles to using it on an android-based device such as the ATV?


No, I don’t think so. As it is pure Python, it should run on every platform that runs Kodi.


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Very cool, thank you. Any plans to get it in official kodi repository?

Great Job.
Will be testing asap

Yes, if anyone could confirm that it is basically running on his/her system.


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wrong strucutre of addon… kodi on win10

Did you use the prepared ZIP file from Don’t use GitHubs Download ZIP button on the front page because this creates a ZIP file which can’t be used for installation.


you are right.
Now works.
rather it installs.
next error…
I cannot rach my openhab (“check ip”). No sitemap loaded.
I will let you know

I downloaded v1.01 and installed under KODI Jarvis RC3.
==> addon error
I had to fix addon.xml imports. Also I installed manually the OpenELEC settings addon and the Mimic skin for Kodi.

After that it works really good. All I saw were some glitches due to font size and skin behaviour.

Thanks for the update. Could you please send me or check’in the updated

Regarding the display glitches: Currently I rely on the default Confluence
skin definitions. But as these may change from release to release it would
be better to copy the definitions to have a stable layout.

2016-02-19 20:06 GMT+01:00 Thilo Richard

This is pretty cool and I’ll look to try it out this weekend as well.

Can anyone maybe confirm if you can view any security or other IP based camera’s within Kodi? I have a couple of Foscam’s currently setup in Openhab and be kinda neat to see them through Kodi.

@ptmuldoon - while this isn’t OpenHAB specific, you might want to have a look at this addon for XBMC/KODI. Pretty cool to have it automatically popup the video feed in KODI when motion is detected!



Tried to install on osmc v16.

Received following errors :

20:18:47 221.989700 T:1958003248 DEBUG: CAddonInstaller: installing from zip '/home/osmc/plugins/’
20:18:47 221.998886 T:1491071984 DEBUG: CAddonInstallJob[script.module.openhab]: requires xbmc.gui version 5.3.0 which is not available
20:18:47 221.999725 T:1491071984 ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[script.module.openhab]: Die Abhängigkeit auf xbmc.gui in Version 5.3.0 konnte nicht aufgelöst werden.
20:18:47 222.006149 T:1958003248

Any idea?


Hi, please use latest release 1.0.2 with jarvis (Kodi 16) support.



2016-02-25 20:26 GMT+01:00 karsten kaiser

ok great thanks for quick change!

simple sitemaps seem to work - but bigger ones that load in android or on Chrome with no issues are not loading so far.


here are my changes to the adon.xml:

<import addon="xbmc.python" version="2.24.0"/>
<import addon="xbmc.gui" version="5.10.0"/>
<import addon="script.module.requests" version="2.9.1"/>

Tested on the latest release of OSMC, and its working OK! Even video feed!