Openhab + garage opener

Hi all,

i’m new at this community. I have a little problem and have no idea how to solve it, so i hope someone out here can help me.

First of all, i’ll describe my setup.

-I have a fully working “VELBUS” (by Velleman) home automation system. All my pushbuttons, glasspanels etc are working as i want them to work.

-I managed to get a Raspberry Pi setup and linked to that VELBUS system, so i can connect, see all my modules in the items,etc

-I have a Google Home mini for voice commands.

I recently placed an electric gate that is also connected to VELBUS. So i can use several pushbuttons to control it. I used 2 relays, 1 to open and another to close. Now i want to use this trough a voice command, like i already do with my blinds. I want to be able to say “Poort open” and then the relay Poort open has to be triggered for 1 second. When i say “Poort dicht” the same but to close is.
I thought it would be easy to setup this gate as a rollershutter where open = relay 1 and close = relay 2.

Can somebody give me a hint/some help how to work this out?
Really thanks in advance.

How is your relay´s wired…
Can you say exactly how your electric gate (garage opener) is beeing controled. Do it have two inputs, one for opening, and one for closing ? Or does it just have one input?

Stuart @MDAR might have an idea as well on this one.

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My gate has 4 inputs, 1 to open, 1 to close, 1 to open/close and 1 partial open.
With the relay, i just give a 24v pulse on the open or close input.

As @Kim_Andersen mentioned @MDAR will be a great resource for VELBUS. He’s the Velbus guru.:wink:

Hopefully he will chime in soon.

This might become difficult… Thats how I controle my garage opener as well, and I´m about to try create a rule (with help from Rich and Rossko) to handle it in another thread.

You´ll probably be better set to use the two inputs for open/close.

I mean i use one to open and another to close.
That way i’m always sure which command i gave and my gate is closing when i give the close command

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I’m honoured to be mentioned in such high terms.

My thoughts…

Certainly using two separate Velbus relay connections is the way forward.

(I know of someone that has a garage opener with only 1 push button input and knowing if the door is open or closed in impossible, without fitting two magnetic sensors)

I would approach a solution like this…

Setup a Virtual Item that you can expose to Alexa / Google etc, that can be instructed to be ON / OFF or Open / Closed

(as we don’t have the momentary action within openHAB2 for the relays)

Create two rules

1st rule

  • Monitor both relays and switch them off 250ms (ish) after either has been switched on

2nd rule

  • Monitor the virtual switch

  • If the Switch gets an “ON” state update / command - Switch ON the Open relay

  • If the switch gets an “OFF” state update / command - Switch ON the Closed Relay

I’m happy to help develop a rule or NodeRed flow if you’d like a hand.

Good luck


Finally got the time to try this…
Works like a charm.

The only problem is for some reason mij Google Assistant can’t deal with the word “Poort” (Dutch for gate).
Tried several times but without succes, then changed the name to “oprit” and it worked directly.

Many thanks for the info @MDAR

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