openHAB get-together in Koblenz on October 2, 2021

Dear all,

The openHAB Foundation will hold its general assembly in Koblenz on October 2. Through this, a few openHAB people will be in town that day and we thought that doing a get-together with other community members would be a nice thing!

We’d therefore like to invite all of you that can make it to Koblenz on Oct 2 to meet us at the Biergarten am Deutschen Eck at ~4 pm. We have reserved some space there, but please note that it is outdoor (only suitable option due to covid…), so please dress yourself accordingly!

If you plan to come, feel free to leave a comment here, so that we get a rough idea, how many people to expect - thanks!

Looking forward to meeting you,


I‘ll be there, looking forward to meet you guys again!


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I think I have no choice, so count me in :wink:

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I’d love to meet the people behind this great project but unfortunately I cannot make it this time. Thanks for the invitation.

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Will be there! Looking forward to meet you


I can‘t make it, leaving on the 2nd to vacation

I will be joining you - looking forward to get to know you all.


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check. cu :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I am not able to join you this year.

Best, Christoph

I’ll be there, booked an hotel for the evening so I can see the sights on Sunday.


Hi all,

In case that you are early or we are late moving from the assembly:

I have reserved tables for 4 pm on the name “Luckenbach” at the Location.
So we should get a rain proof place.

See you later :slight_smile:

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