OpenHAB is offline error

Since my Upgrade to OpenHAB 4.1 last year I have a strange problem with my Android app.

When I don’t use my app for a longer period (lets say at least 30 minutes) and want to use it again, it doesn’t load my UI and instead I get this error:

Clicking on Try Again changes the error from “Bad Request” to “The user agent does not support public key credentials.”

Clicking on Reload app gets me a 400 Bad Request with “No required SSL certificate was sent” from Nginx. The same happens with purge caches and refresh.

The solution is to force a shutdown of the app and re-open it. Then all works normal again.

I am using Nginx as a reverse proxy with SSL certificates offloading. All requests are forwarded to the 8080 port of OpenHAB. It seems like in some rare cases OpenHAB Android apps forget to send the SSL certificate which I have configured correctly.

Anyone familiar with this?

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Which app do you use for openHAB?

Hope I don’t understand your question wrong, but I just use the official Android OpenHAB app?

Well, it doesn’t look like the official Android app. Also the app doesn’t contain these strings, e.g. there’s no “Purge Caches and Refresh”. How did you install the app?

That looks like the screen you get when you are just using a browser connection to hit your fqdn that is pointed to nginx. I have seen that before but it was when my wireless shutoff to save power . I have also seen that same behavior if you connection timed out due to connectivity issues going through your router and the android device could not resolve your FQDN till you reloaded the home page and if also if you secured your Nginx with basic auth and the cached creds are not saved in browser I have seen that as well. But as I said only when just using a browser connection not using the android app as was stated earlier.

I’m really sorry (also for the late reply) but this screenshot is really made with the OpenHAB app. And indeed it happens if I do not use the app over a longer period (for example an hour on longer) and the app stays on the background meanwhile.

I do not secure it with basic auth, but with SSL client certificate.