openHAB keyring

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hello everyone, I made this little thing. I hope not to have incurred copyright or other violations, in case please let me know that I will try to remedy it. for those wishing to print it this is the link for the stl file and this is the tinkercad link to be able to modify it at your pleasure.
happy holidays to all


Looks good but , officially, they provide no restriction information.

I have replied to similar questions before.
As the trademark case is still ongoing, we cannot provide guidelines for logo usage and therefore cannot grant permission for using it.


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It is not my intention to use or exploit the logo for commercial reasons, to tell the truth I just wanted to donate it to the community.
If you deem it necessary I will remove it from the sites where it was published, I did it only because I cannot upload stl files in the forum

But rest assured that we won’t do anything against putting such designs up on Thingiverse - rather the contrary, I like that!
@aRGiRob If you agree to it, I would even put it up on, so that users can directly find it there, e.g. because they were just printing a RasPi case.

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@kay, of course I agree and I can only be proud of it
thanks again

Printed it myself already and created it as a (unmodified) remix in the openHAB account:

I just got an STL printer but I’m out of white resin. Gotta wait for delivery but I’m going to print a couple too. I’ll have to paint it though.

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