Use of Logo on website or youtube videos

Hello, is there any restriction for using official OpenHAB logo on website or youtube videos (no commercial activity, just personal)?

I’m a fan of OpenHAB and use it since 2017. I have also an “open” post with my progress so far.

Now I’m trying to migrate my actual v.2 setup to a new and fresh v.3



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Hey Marcolino
I didn’t want your question to fall to far down the threads before you got an answer since I’ve checked out your blog and think it is cool and definitely promotes our beloved OpenHAB
Unfortunately I am not able to provide a definitive answer but this may help

But you did.

If they join the Foundation, they can use it.

Who says that?
We still have not defined the rules for logo usage.


With the upcoming “openHAB Foundation e.V.”, the idea is actually to formalize it in the way that foundation members are automatically free to use the logo.

and implied by his question here.

I think you misinterpreted this.
It is the idea to give permission, but we have to define rules for that, which has not been done right now. Reason for that is that the logo registration has not finished yet.

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Perhaps the web page could be updated then

That’s exactly @hmerk point: There are no rules yet. The “logo registration” is a legal act that takes much longer than expected and as long as this isn’t done, we cannot define any re-use rules.
What you quoted me with was an “idea” and nothing that has been settled.


So, for now I cannot use the logo?

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:

<kidding>reading comprehension owns you dude</kidding>
:wink: you are going to get us both in trouble

edit: thanks @Kai and @hmerk for making that crystal clear (hopefully) for all of us

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No, you can’t !

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Ok thanks

Just to get that right, the process of logo registration takes more than 4 years???

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It can, depending on wether there are objections from other companies…
But you got the four years wrong. It took quite some time to have the new logo designed and if i remember correct, registration of the logo has started nearly two years ago…

…which is nevertheless a really long time…and apparently blocking other follow up decisions… :frowning:

The new logo has been out 3 years.

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Hi all!
I write from non-english community of OH. We’ve got about 200 people in our community where is about 20-30 very active.
We want to translate main page of to our language. And create our-language site. Ofcourse it will be better to change language on main site, and don’t create copy on our international domain. Ability to use a logo and other stuff are important.
We want to create here on our-language sub-category.
I ask to Foundation members and maintainers to help us :pray:


I’m not an administrator or maintainer, but I saw your post and don’t want you to think that we are ignoring you.

You won’t be able to use the openHAB logo if you build your own website or community, for reasons that I won’t go into.

I also think translating openHAB would be very difficult, since it is open-source software that’s maintained by volunteers. The software and documentation changes constantly, so you would spend all of your time translating. We wouldn’t be able to help with that.

I believe that it would be difficult to create a sub-category for your language in our community, because the search function would probably not be able to tell between English and non-English posts. So, when non-English speakers search for help, they would probably get a lot of English posts that won’t be helpful. As well, it would be very difficult for us to provide direct assistance in your language.

I wish we could do more to help you and other non-English speaking users. However, I don’t see many options. Even though openHAB was started in Germany, it was developed in English.

For now, I think the best thing your users could do is to use Google Translate. As an alternative, you and other English speakers could volunteer to search this community on their behalf and translate the answers you find for their use.

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What language are you talking about? As an other non native-English speaker I’m perfectly fine with the fact that not all post on this forum are in ‘perfect’ English. As long as it’s good enough so we understand each other.


I 100% agree with this.