OpenHAB logo annex link to homepage disappeared from the upper left hand corner

Since a few days, the openHAB logo is no longer visible when reading this community message board. It used to be in the upper left hand corner, and was an easy link to the message board’s home page.

Now I have to jump through a few hoops to get to the home page, when I’m a few messages into a conversation…

I assume this is an easy fix? :slight_smile:

Could you try to clear your browser cache and see if it makes any difference? If you mean the full openHAB logo, this is still there and I can click on it to return to the forums dashboard:

Please send a screenshot if your problem remains!

Your screenshot wasn’t “scrolled down”.

It used to be in the blue corner:

It’s gone on both my laptops, as well as my Android phone.

Same here, it seems to be still there but somehow transparent


I’m seeing the same behavior and @rpwong reported to me he’s seen the same too. I’ve not been able to look into it further.

Doesn’t make a difference for me and I see the same behavior on multiple machines (all running Brave browser)

Previously, IIRC, the top bar of the page that has the openHAB logo in the upper left and the menus of options on the right would reappear if you’ve scrolled down but then slightly scroll back up.

I wonder if this overall behavior has changed with a recent update to discourse. I’ve gone to two other forums I know are hosted by Discourse and I’m seeing a similar behavior as to what we have now only the title bar is formatted to work better.

For comparison:


Before scrolling down:

Scrolled down:

The title of the post gets truncated to a single line, no logo any more to click on.

For comparison, the Snapmaker forum:

Scrolled down:

We still have the topic title but it has an opaque background and the site logo is added to the left so that we have a way to quickly navigate back to the main forum page.

The same behavior can be see on the HomeAssistant forum:

I can’t see anything available to moderators that can configure this so I think it needs to be set by an admin. I did a quick search and couldn’t find anything recent related to how to configure this.

For me at least it appears to be intermittent.

possible special character conflict or length of title in the issues subject title maybe as mine does not wrap to multiple lines like Rich is showing ?
Edit after I resized the browser window and turned on then off dev tools it disappeared for this one page as well.

To me using Firefox it seems to be a three step approach:

When I use a different browser ( google-chrome ) then it looks like the opaque/transparent part is not handled very well. Like shown in other screenshots in this thread.

I am on firefox and have the same issue (see screenshot above)

I have the same issue on older versions of chrome (e.g., Version 125.0.6422.76). However, I do not see the issue on my computers that have up to date versions of chrome (e.g., Version 125.0.6422.112).

Interestingly I just updated my browser (Brave) and it appears to work. Maybe it’s a browser version issue after all, at least for chromium based browsers.

Upgrading two different machines shows it working as it as supposed to.

Oddly enough, I was seeing the issue on a slightly newer 125.0.6422.113, but I just updated to 125.0.6422.142 and it’s back to normal. This is on Windows.

Meanwhile, my Android phone has Chrome 125.0.6422.147 and the issue persists after cleaning cache and also trying an Incognito tab.

I thought about that, but the same thing happens in Firefox (which is not Chromium-based).

I lean toward this being a bug in a recent Discourse update.

I updated Chrome to 125.0.6422.142 (on Windows), deleted all my cookies and other temporary Chrome stuff, and the problem persists…

I’m glad somebody else reported this because it’s been making me nuts but I didn’t know how to describe it in order to report the problem

I’m on Chromium version 127.0.6517.0 and it looks fine:

Not sure what we can do about it besides waiting for either browser or Discourse updates…

does not work on Cromium on linux
Version 112.0.5615.49 (Official Build) Built on Ubuntu , running on LinuxMint 19.2 (64-bit)
Mozilla Firefox 113.0.2 (64-bit)

The issue seems fixed on my Android phone, but only in the openHAB Community app… Not in ‘regular’ Chrome.

Chrome, by the way, updated last night, I see, to version Chrome 125.0.6422.146.

Edit: the behavior is still erratic, even in the app…

I just realized that it seems to depend on how you open a thread you will get different behavior
a) title header is put over the text and is fully transparent if you go into a thread from main page by following its link
b) title header is put over the text but not fully transparent if you open a threads link in a new tab

So I have the impression that the difference in this method has an effect on the stylesheet that is being used.

This is probably not browser related. I had a device that still showed it correctly but after clearing the browser cache and a page reload the logo went missing and the header became transparent.

I don’t think it’s a different stylesheet. I think there’s just a syntax error in the CSS for the responsive heading. It’s causing there to be no logo overlay in the same window, but a double logo when you open a new windowand scroll all the way to the top. That very top logo is disappearing, same as in the other scenario, but a working version is nested inside of it.

The good thing is that if you do this once, everything afterward nests and the site will be closer to normal. I’ll use that hack in the short term.