openHAB logo stickers


how about getting some stickers with the openHAB Logo, e.g. from
Is there any way of getting an SVG of the current logo?

If not, is this something the openHAB Foundation e.V. will do?


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Definitely something that is planned. What let’s me hesitate right now is that I am wondering whether it would make sense to first go for a modernized logo design (from glossy to flat?), before we produce to many merchandise articles. But I’ll follow up on this the next months for sure!


A new logo? Yes please. :slight_smile:
A professional logo that resembles what openHAB really is.
If you are looking for a designer? I am one. Wink! Wink!

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Good to know - will come back to you, when it is time :slight_smile:

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Am I the only one that thinks the current logo is kinda nice? Can’t really understand why everything has to be flat and boring nowadays. But then again I’m a computer engineer, no designer…


@DanielMalmgren Good to hear that some other people (still) like it :slight_smile:
Over the past 2 years I felt so lonely defending the existing one and not wanting to spend the effort for a redesign. But by now, the current logo is 5 years old and if the majority wants it updated, I might give in to it…

I have the same opinion as you @DanielMalmgren.


I also like the current logos (square graphical, rectangular with claim). Are those in SVG format somewhere on github? - None on wikipedia where I usually look first. Also, an official collection of marketing claims (“empowering the smart home”) and press texts (100 words, 200 words, 400 words), i18n, could be handy to have.



Sounds good. I like especially the design of the square logo. Therefore I would try a simple flat look of this logo as a start. I would try the same with the logos containing “openHAB” and maybe test other fonts.

why not post a proposal? :smiley:

I definately vote for a new logo and new colors! :smiley:

If Kai approves i can do a proposal :wink:

As mentioned above: I will start that in a few months within the openHAB Foundation. Before doing any designs, we need to get the requirements sorted out (what kind of logos do we need, etc.).



No need to spend anything on a new logo. Let the community help you…
I was also thinking openHAB really needs a new logo design.
The glossy design is great and well designed, it’s just really outdated.
openHAB deserves it! (and my iPhone springboard screen too LOL)

Just give us the specs, the original files of the glossy logo, start a new thread and get all proposals in by end of April.
Foundation Members decide which one to go with…

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@Kai new Logo please :slight_smile:
The old one is cool, but we should make a more modern logo and also use this new logo together with a website redesign. A little bit in the Startup Flavor :wink:

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I guess I am missing something, what is wrong with the current logo?


I’ll try to stay rather neutral, so I cannot say what is “wrong”.

So ok, everyone, tell us YOU opinion and please cast your vote now!

Logos … it is a great topic… and it depends on what was the logo intended for, who is asking… what is the motivation for change… etc.
It also depends on the background of the “voting” individual; e.g. a propeller head would not care. While potential new ‘customers’ care much more… as in whether the logo attracts… so it certainly has to be attractive to increase visibility, recognition, and attractiveness.

My argument would be: if most don’t care about the look of the logo, and there is a valid and reasonable feeling the logo is outdated, then it should be updated.

Maybe, a proposal can be put forward, and the voting changed to keep or renew the current logo.

Great idea! I’m sure there a lots of designers in this community, let’s have a logo design contest? :slight_smile: