openHAB Milestone builds

thank you

I’ve just installed M3, and i notice PaperUI is showing both ‘SNAPSHOT’ and ‘M3’ bindings. The installed bindings are the snapshot ones, and if I uninstall and attempt to install the M3 one instead it actually installs the snapshot version.

Is this how it’s meant to be? If not, how do i fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Before panicking try clearing your browser cache. Chrome especially has troublesome caching issues when pages have had major changes.

thanks - tho it’s made no difference.

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Try Clear the Cache

thanks, but I’ve already tried clearing the cache, to no effect.

Is there a wild guess, when openHAB 2.5 will be released as “stable”? Thanks in advance for your short reply.

When it is ready :wink:
A while back @kai said late summer, which I thought was optimistic.
For a wild guess, make it December to pick up the former 6 month release cycle.

openHAB Milestone builds Last couple of lines of that post from Kai

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Hate to ask, but how do i move to using the milestone releases please?


That depends. Tell us about that you are running and how you installed it.OpenHABian?

Typically on a RPi do the following:

SSH into openhab
sudo openhabian-config
select 40
under 41 select install openhab testing install or switch to latest openhab testing
then wait and reboot.
This is how I do it everytime I crash my system and reload (which is quite often)
On the other hand Bruce is extremely knowledgeable and would be much more qualified to advise.

Only if they are running openHABian. There are several other installation options.

Thank you @Bruce_Osborne for making my point.
And thank you Sir for always standing up to help us noobs.
OH needs you and more like you!

I’m currently running 2.4 Release, on a Windows 10 machine.

First, a disclaimer that I have not installed OH on Windows.
Before trying to upgrade, I would shutdown OpenHAB and back it up.
Acording to the official instructions you can download the Milestone build from here to install.

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Good page to bookmark!
Thanks again Bruce

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Thank you.
I am still a relative newbie here but I am giving back by cleaning up our Z=Wave device database & learning here.

Brilliant thanks - i’ll take a look