OpenHAB on Amazon Fire TV

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I have the same problem. I installed Openhab on my fireTV stick. But navigation on the Basic UI does not work. Can anybody help ?

The FireTV stick cannot run Java, if I recall correctly so you could not successfully install OPenHAB on that device…
Your link indicates you’re using the Habdroid app rather than the official Android app. I do not know where the support forum is for Habdroid.
You must have installed Habdroid on your Fire TV Stick, not OpenHAB.

Habdroid was the former name of the official Android App. I am unaware whether the official app supports Fire TV or Google TV. I suspect the answer is no.

Habdroid is/was just another name for the android app.

Have you tried the Beta version of the app??

There also maybe old apk versions that may work with your device

Sorry, I had not heard of that before.

Ich have installed v2.10.3 of the Openhab App for Android.
Can anybody help me with my Problem ?

Cannot navigate through the Basic UI


I guess you mean navigation on your Sitemaps doesn’t work. Basic UI is the web ui that displays your sitemaps in the browser :slight_smile:

Yes, it can. Fire OS is a custom build of Android and capable of running Android apps.

That’s correct. It has been changed over two years ago:

Someone has to adapt the app for Android TV, see
I guess there’s no simple solution for you. How did you install the app? Sideload the apk?

Running Android apps, not OpenHAB itself as is stated in the thread title.

Did you install the openHAB server on your Fire TV stick?

The OP claims they tried.


“I guess you mean navigation on your Sitemaps doesn’t work. Basic UI is the web ui that displays your sitemaps in the browser”.

Thats is exactly what I mean. The App works well, but navigation in the sitemap is nor possible, because the App did not support the up and down button of the Fire TV Stick.

Can somebody implement that please. Cannot be more than an hour effort.
Thank you.

I doubt any of the current set of developers have a Fire TV to test this on. If you know enough to estimate how much this would take to work and have access to the hardware to test it on, perhaps you are in the best position spend the hour making these changes.

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Or provide a bounty as incentive for somebody else to develop.

I highly doubt that, but if it’s only so less work, feel free to open a PR :slight_smile: