OpenHAB on business systems

Hello, I´m using openHab in my smart home project. I´m engineer and I was wondering If somebody can sell a system which have installed openHab.
Thank you.



I have a number of ODroid C2 units on my shelf, pre-loaded with openHAB2 and VelServ the TCP connection solution for Velbus , ready to sell with Velbus hardware.

I’m happy to sell one to you.



But does it have a license for business purposes?

You’d have to take that up with the core team I think.

Strictly speaking…

I sell Velbus hardware and include an ODroid C2 with VelServ, so that the Velbus hardware can be addressed and programmed via a TCP connection.

I talk to my installers (who discuss it with their clients) about which user interface they want.

As openHAB2 is such a massive project, supporting an incredible amount of products, I (MDAR) couldn’t possibly provide active support for all of them.

So I don’t “commercially support any GUI” for any (domestic) customer directly as part of (indirectly) selling them a Velbus system.

However, I’m happy to help anyone posing a question on this forum, regarding their Velbus & openHAB2 systems, purely from my free time.

I do however, advise everyone to donate to the foundation as a way of supporting the project.

Than you very much for your explanation.

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