Openhab on Tesla Browser

Has anyone used the openhab UI, in particular basicui, through the Tesla browser with authentication? The Tesla browser does not support BasicAuth. Will 3.0 help?

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OK I guess not :slight_smile: Here’s my working nginx configuration making openhab available at https://yourdomain/openhab-tesla via VouchProxy, while retaining BasicAuth at https://yourdomain/openhab. This way I can use it in my car, and still keep the ios/android apps working.
If anyone improves upon it or has an easier way, it would be great to know, especially if something in openhab3 obviates this.

vouch-openhab.txt (6.8 KB)


For openhab3
vouch-openhab3.txt (7.2 KB)

With v11 (Tesla’s new version), I’m unable to display Openhab anymore.
As there is no developer tools available, it’s quite hard to understand the reason.
Am I alone?

I haven’t upgraded to v11 yet but I heard they removed the passenger-mode that allowed games and the web browser to function while the car is being driven. Does it work on other sites or just openhab is broken?