openHAB page stuck in the localhost

  • Platform information: Zulu

  • Intel pentium (r) Dual CPU E2160 1.80GHz 1.80 - RAM 2.75 Go - 64 bit

-Windows7 complete edition


 - openHAB version: 2.5.12

Hello everyone!

I'm new here, I think I installed everything correctly but  at the start of the 
launch of openHAB on the localhost it displayed 4 proposals , I chose the simple one 
and I get this page, with this text;

         ( Please wait during the installation, it may take several minutes )

But the page does not launch  and  it  does not stop anymore to run 
and nothing happens,

and  in the commande prompt console I get an error message 

Is there any solution please? 

thank you in advance for your help

The error;

Hello Marc!

If you really still want to use 2.5.12, you need to make a few changes before it will work see:

But 2.5.12 is already quite old now. So if you are just starting with openHAB, it is probably better to download/install openHAB 3.2.0 which was released last week. :slight_smile:

Hello wborn !

Thank you very much for the answer! It finally worked

I choosed the seconde option i added
In the

           by using visual studio 

I added screanshot to help other users

Thank you wborn ! and have a good night ! :grinning:

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