Openhab Panel Network Device Status?

Hey guys.

I want to poll my Network Devices to see if they are online and display this on a OpenHab Panel maybe a chart or timeline.

does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this?


This is the binding you want to look at:

Any ideas on how to integrate that with the Panel Display?

When the network binding determines your device is up/down (ie. like a switch), it will set the iterm property to ON/OFF. In the habpanel setup, in the simplest example, is add a switch widget to your panel and associate it to the item you defined for your network device.

The network binding can use a couple methods to determine if a network devices is ON of OFF, but from a panel display perspective, its essentially a switch… its either up (ON) or down (OFF)

For HABPanel you could use the “Timeline” Widget to display the values.

Timeline Widget

Right, I did it that way some time ago.
Could look like this:


Your PS4 is obviously not ON enough! :smile: