Openhab, Shelly and KNX

I have a running setup with openHab and KNX working. Now I’m adding some Shelly and tring to understand the “right” (as in “less workaround”…) way to get those two results:

  1. Send an action from KNX (i.e. a GA get an ON command) > receive output on Shelly (i.e. a Shelly2.5 switch O1)
  2. Send an action from Shelly (i.e. click with a button connected to SW2, in detached mode) > switch on a light connected to a KNX actuator

I can get it using rules, but I’m sure there is a “better” way.


I‘d prefer rules as they are more flexible and you can add other actions later on.
If you really do not want to use rules, have look here: follow profile

simple solution for 1:
Setup a switch-control channel:

Type switch-control : ch1 "Wallswitch" [ga="1/1/1"]

where 1/1/1 is a wallswitch configured as toggle (or dedicated buttons for ON and OFF)

Now link both channels through a switch item.

Switch myShellySwitch "Light" {channel="shelly:...",channel="knx:device:bridge:mywallsswitch:ch1"}

switch-control channels are received as command and the item will pass the command to the shelly channel. furthermore, if the shelly channel received a status update, the switch-sontrol channel will transmit this status update to knx.

In question of point 2, I’m not 100% sure, as I’m not using a shelly you can try the profile (set the link to the knx channel to profile="follow")

EDIT: added key word channel to definition…

I have also implemented it like this. But unfortunately, the status is not displayed in KNX when the switch on the Shelly is pressed. It also doesn’t work with the [profile="follow"].

Those two were resolutive!
I had to use the O2 status as link, even if not connected phisically…

This works realy? I Got an error:
[118,191]: mismatched input '"knx:device:bridge:generic:SEsszimmer"' expecting RULE_ID

Shouldn’t there be a channel= in front of it?

jepp, typo, sorry…