Openhab shelly i4dc addon channels missing

Hi all,

I connected Shelly Plus Add-On to Shelly Plus i4 DC (FW: 1.0.0-gaec0744).
The device has been discovered by the binding but no Add-On channels, like sensors, configured to the thing (i4DC’s ones are OK). However, OH Shelly Binding docs completely missing this scenario - attaching Shelly Plus Add-On to Shelly Plus i4 DC. So, my question is if this is something that could be easily added as supported binding feature? Also, how can I create manually the channels … if possible at all or this could be supported via binding only?

I’m new to the Shelly items and apologise if my questions are stupid.

Edited: I’m running OH v 4.0.2

You better ask this question in this thread

This is where the maintainer answers questions

Thanks @Oliver2, as recommended I created new post.