Openhab support for Zwave 700 series? Bridge vs Static wave controllers

I have reached out to Aeotec and I was informed that they will soon be releasing for sale a gen7 version of their zstick, and they already have a gen7 zwave extender out today. They then told me it will only work on silicon labs Z/IP architecture and will not work on openhab or any other non silicon lab software.

I have been reading that there is some debate regarding regarding static vs bridge controllers. I am not an expert by any means, and I cant say I understand what the challenges openhab faces, but is there a plan forward? Will openhab have support for zwave 700?

I am hoping to find some clarity on the matter. Thank you.

If it is Z/IP only that may be the case. @chris should be able to comment further.

I think for certification purposes it only works with Z/IP. But what zwave software is even using that architecture yet? The stick wouldnt work for openhab, home assistant, Home Seer, Indigo 7 or anyone. That seems pretty useless.

700 series devices are generally not compatible with existing ZWave software as they use a slightly different interface definition. This is because ZWA wanted to push people to use the Z/IP layer.

I do expect to get one of these any day now, and do expect this requirement to be phased out over the coming 12 months or so.

No - not at the moment.

I don’t expect many will now, and in future I expect it to be less - things will change over the next 12 months.

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Aeotec is also sending me one test out as well.

When you say things will change in 12 months, do you mean we should bunker down and wait for them to realize the error in their ways? Or do you mean that silicon labs is already aware of this and will provide us with the better path forward?

I’m confused as to whether to waste time trying to use their sdk to develop a zwave software of my own , especially if they’ll just reverse it and then openhab will work as is.

If Z/IP is phased out wouldn’t that indicate a short life for these new products?

No - the 700 series is not much different than the 500 series. I do use it here, but it’s not documented. It will for sure still be supported in future and is not just for Z/IP.

I’m not going to say too much as I’ll get in trouble (again :sunglasses:). However, things are changing already and I would expect an announcement later in the year.

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So what you are saying is that one way or another 700 series will be supported by openhab? You can get it to work in its current state, but are choosing not to move forward with releasing as its sub-optimal (I dont know what the technical issues are, but Im sure you’ve already assessed why this may be the case)?

Now when you say later this year, should i ignore the new aeotec zstick as itll most likely need to be rebuilt?

There will for sure be support for 700 series, however there’s a lot likely to change between now and then. Again, I can’t say too much - sorry.

If you want to use OH now, then you’d be best to stick with a 500 series stick.

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