OpenHab2.5 Series of Unfortunate Events

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: AMD64
    • OS: Ubuntu 20.04
    • Java Runtime Environment: Too Many
    • openHAB version:2.5.10 → 2.5.12
  • Issue of the topic: bintray/jfrog changes

So this is more in case others run into a similar challenge, as I have figured everything out. (or for my future self when I do it again).
My initial problem was I installed a new version of Java for a different software package, which didn’t initially cause Openhab2.5 any problems, but then I had a power outage and my server rebooted, and suddenly Openhab won’t work!! This was Problem 1
In trying to fix Problem 1, I cleared the cache, which unknowingly created Problem 2 (I no longer have some of the addon stuff that had been there since before the bintray sunset)
I then figured out the java version mismatch, so I added Environment=JAVA_HOME=path/to/the/correct/jre into the systemd openhab2 service. (fix problem 1) Per this thread:How to point OH2 to a different java version

It still didn’t work because of problem 2 (bintray sunset), in attempting to fix that, I upgraded to 2.5.12 (from .10) which caused problem 3 (or really 1.b) as that upgrade over-road my addition of JAVA_HOME into the systemd service config file.
Realizing that the upgrade had done that, I was able to re apply the Environemnt=JAVA_HOME… change and get that part working, however 2.5.12 still can’t download addons, so ultimately I found a post that linked the correct files: Failed installing addons
I did have to go way down the thread to find a solid url for the correct add on file, and location to place it into. Edited the addon.cfg file per that thread and finally everything is working again.
The moral of this story is, upgrade to Openhab 3.x :slight_smile: If only I had the time!! Anyway Hope this is helpful to someone at some point in the future.
-Josh Patterson
PS Love Openhab and the good work all the devs and community do on it, and can’t wait to get onto 3.x!!

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