Openhab2 and velbus binding

Hi Guys,

I want to use the binding of Cedric but I think I have did something wrong.
I have read some information (thanks MDAR) but I doesn’t work proprly
I have send some pictures with the steps I did.

Kind regards and thanks in advance.


Hi Ross.

So far so good then.

What is the problem?

Have you added a Velbus bridge?

Hey Ross

How did you get on?

After our teamviewer session, are you happy that everything is performing as you want it to?

It’s what I really like about Velbus, “Once you get it up and running, it just keeps on working”

To help you in the future, and anyone else that might come across this thread.

I’ve updated the thread on the Velbus forum about getting Velserv up and running.
Which includes a new velserv-setup script

Best wishes,


Hi Stuart,

I’m fine. How are you? I did some basic things to control the basic lightis and blinds. After out Teamv session I did what research on habpanel and in my free time i program the habpanel. Do you have an example of your habpanel? Its alwalys pretty to see
the possibilities.

Thank you for the big job on the forumss

Kind regards,


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Hi Ross

I’m glad that you’re Velbus system is up and running within openHAB2.

Unfortunately, I can only really help you to get the link between Velbus and openHAB2, as that’s my area of expertise.

Anything else I do, is purely a bonus, as I’m far from an expert. (As many have noticed, even if they don’t point it out)

You’ll find lots of fabulous examples of HabPanel designs, as well as some pretty funky things to do within the HabPanel structure.

Try these links for inspiration. :smile:

Good luck :fireworks:
HabPanel Examples

SVG graphics within HabPanel