OpenHab2 - avmfritz binding - support for AVMDECT210


I recently bought the new FritzDECT 210 device ( which is basically a DECT200 device, but outdoor-ready.

As this device is not discovered by PaperUI I tried to add it manually as a DECT200 thing in PaperUI by providing the appropriate AIN. Unfortunatly the things remains in the state INITIALIZING.

Any help on this?

Many thanks

Are you on a very old build?
Because it looks like that problem was fixed a long time ago:

As far as I know, it was fixed for the DECT 200 but not for the new DECT 210.

Upps, didn’t see the “1” in the name …

my DECT 200 works like a charme - the 210 is not working :slight_smile:

In this case I would open an issue at:

Thanks - i´ve opened issue 1676 on GitHub