openHAB2 designer?


is there already an openHAB2 designer? The download page is just providing the openHAB2 Beta 1, or do I have to search for it somewhere else?

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A good question :smile:
openHAB 2 does not come with its own designer anymore, but the one from Eclipse SmartHome can be used, which you find here:
You should use the 0.7.0 version of it, but please note that no actions are correctly resolved within rules - that is still an open issue.

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Thanks. I will give it a try.

Very nice message.
Thank you, Kai.
openhab2 designers is also what I am trying to find.

I am trying to setup my code with ESD, I’m getting the error ‘cannot open configuration folder - Resource ‘/config’ is not open.’ When I try to point it to the OH2 conf folder. Anyone managed to set this up?

sounds as if the internally created workspace is corrupt, so please try to delete it (in the Mac version it is under Contents/MacOS/workspace).

thanks a lot. that worked.

I have the same problem, but deleting the workspace and restarting the designer did not work. Any other ideas?

I deleted the Designer on the mac and reinstalled. Now it works.