Openhab2 + Homematic on 1 Raspberry Pi

Hi guys,

I hope you can support me. After an unsuccesful start with openhab2 I gave it another try on my local windows machine which looks promising now. What I like to achieve next is to install openhab2 on a raspberry pi2 using the openhabian image and then I would like to configure the same Raspberry Pi as a CCU2 for Homematic gear.

I saw there is a wireless module one can buy to make the raspi communicate with the homematic gear on the physical side ( ).
On the software side there is an image for the RasPi, called Rasperrymatic which I cannot use because it would of course overwrite my openhab2 installation.

Does anyone have knowledge in combining openhab2 and Rasperrymatic (or another homematic CCU2 software soultion) on a Raspberry Pi2?

Any help is very appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Hey John,
in openhabbian is homegear included, so you dont need raspberrymatic.
after initial installation of openhabbian you can go to the openhabbian-config and install homegear.


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come on, it´s so easy?

but the ELV Wireless module is compatible? I had a quick look at the homegear website, they use different wireless modules/USB Sticks…

im sorry, but yes, it is as easy as it sounds :joy:
Im used the HM-MOD-RPI-PCB on my RPi2 and also after moving to RPi3, it works like a charm :slight_smile:

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wow, sounds great!

So, when you are an expirienced user, maybe you can answer a few more questions:

I will do it like this:

  • install wireless module on RasPi2
  • install openhab2 on RasPi2 from image
  • install Homegear from openhabian config

what will be the next steps, how will I be able to configure the homematic devices? Is there a Homematic WebUI/Frontend or will it all be done e.g. in openhab2 PaperUI??

You just have to install openhabbian image, then in the openhabbian config you have to install homegear.
In PaperUI you have to install the homematic-bindig and create a bridge, where you have to put the IP of your RPi in. Then you are able to enable paring mode and discover you homematic things.

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great, I will give it a try, if I encounter problems I will ask again here. Thanks for you help so far!! :+1:

Hey, the HM-MOD-RPI-PCB is a great choice. I myself am using a busware SCC, which was available earlier.

Regarding homegear: After you’ve installed it via openhabian-config (yes it’s that easy) you might need to do a few more things. See Don’t worry. All that’s written in the first part is done for you via the openhabian-config menu entry “Serial Port” -> Do not select “Add common serial ports to openHAB JVM”.

The only thing you still have to do yourself is what’s given under @Nawygator is explicitly setting these not needed anymore or did you forget to mention it?

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Im not quite shure, but i think, that i didnt do this with openhabbian. :confused:
nevertheless now its documented here :smiley:

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Thanks to @ThomDietrich for the addition, that´s very good to know!

One more thing: I would have to buy a new Raspberry Pi 2 for this set up, but I have a bunch of Raspberry Pi 1 ´s laying around. Would it be a good idea to use a RasPi 1 for this set up? Or would it be too much for the little one?

@siod would be interesting to see if doing this step is needed. I’ve always done that but hey, who knows. Maybe you can try without first :wink:

Regarding your step-by-step list:

I wouldn’t recommend it. See the CPU differences here:
Another problem is that the RPI1 was based on ARMv6 architecture, which some packages are not compatible with.

That said, for your first experiments you could use an RPi1. I’ve worked with a RPi1B+ for a longer time. If you can manage, I’d start out with a RPi3.

Ok, ordered a RasPi 3, still asking myself if I will use it for my media center and use the actual media centers RasPi2 for openhab2/homegear setup or just use the RasPi3 for the openhab2/homegear setup…Will get back to you as soon as the Pi 3 arrived and I start with setting it up!

Raspberry Pi 2 openHAB 2 , homegear, runs very good here.

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Rpi3, with OH2 and homegear works also well

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OH2 with YAHM CCU on rpi3 hardware with raspian Jessie is a great combination. I like the advantage of easy device installation in YAHM CCU via GUI (which to my knowledge is not possible with homegear).

Has anyone tested this with HMIP devices on a Raspi3?

@JensK: In case you have a Windows-PC you could use the small tool Homegear Kickstart (witch is currently only in german available), to pair and name Devices in homegear.

There are a few options for device pairing:

  • active device discovery directly inside the openHAB PaperUI (I’ve never used that myself, @Nawygator ? )
  • via command line, it’s quite intuitive with the help messages and the online documentation. (sudo homegear -r, fs 0, pon)
  • my favorite to pair and manage devices, just use the “LAN Usersoftware” to control your homegear instance with an interface known from the CCU2

Im using the CLI of homegear, because there were some updates of the homematic-binding, and for those my things have to be deleted and rediscovered. So on discovery the devices got the names and configs saved at homegear. By pairing by PaperUI I think, that i have to found out, witch device it is - no fun with e.g. 18 smoke sensors…