OpenHab2, new lock from a new manufacturer

I am adding a new idLock ( to OpenHab2, after (naturally) not getting the SECURITY messages working in OH1.

After adding the lock no XML files are created, and it remains unknown as it is not present in the Zwave database. How do I go about adding this lock, and is it currently possible to get it working in OH2 at all?

I have privileges to update the online database, but I cannot find any XML file to work with, nor do I have the possibility to add a brand new manufacturer.


Hi Kenneth!

Chris has to recompile the addon with the new xml-file and you can update afterwards…
Did openhab2 create a xml file for the door lock when you tried including it? I am having problems… looks like it gets stuck in initialization…

EDIT: You actually said no xml file was created… so we are experiencing the same problem. Any progress with you? I just posted a new topic on this.

God sommer!


EDIT: Read a little too fast…

Hi Olav,

I have started populating the database with a new record for this device, but I have not finished it yet. I met some challenges, and after mailing with Chris I am now just waiting to get the job done properly. I’m in vacation right now, but I will look into this in a couple of weeks time.

And you are right, I did not get any xml. That still bothers me, but I just initially guessed that was related to the device being unknown and supporting security. That doesn’t quite make sense to me still, so please do enlighten me if you have done any more research on this…

In the meantime, feel free to continue the work if you wish :slight_smile:

God sommer

I agree with you that it seems strange that no xml is generated. I have a secure wallc-s paddle which seem to include fine and gets its node xml-file. Anyway, I emailed debug-logs to Chris, maybe he can tell us some more.

Update on this:

So secure classes are not supported in OH2 at the moment.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I will eventually update the database record though, and then hopefully both the database and security classes are ready for the IdLock in v2.0 release :slight_smile:

Is there any progress on this one? I have two IdLock locks and Openhab2 running. It would be fantastic to be able to include them to the Z-Wave network.

Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t been able to focus any more on the home-automation project for the last months due to both family enlargements and work. So, no…

It would be interesting to know if there is any progress in the OH2 Z-wave plugin related to the security-protocol in general, so I will have a look at it when I get a chance before christmas.

I have experienced issues with the open z-wave stack and the z-wave-me stack in combination with Id-Lock. I have not been able to test it with OH ofcourse. It seems to work OK with the two first ones i mentioned, but after 24hrs or so the battery is completely drained. Even with 1m distance to the controller. The assessment back then was that it fails on bringing the lock back to sleep properly, or keeps it alive. So it will be interesting to see how it behaves with OH2.

You may ofcourse update the database yourself if you want to give it a go. You have to coordinate with @chris to get access though.

Any news here? :slight_smile:

Security classes are included in OH1 and are in development for OH2 (working well, but not released yet).

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I am really looking forward to seeing this. I have a ton of ideas around the lock and home automation.

Is this realeased in 2.0.0?
Still a unknown decive in my config.

I am sorry, Tommy, I have no news for you in regards to this in relation to
OH2. I guess one of the active developers on the project knows more?

Personally I gave up, and rolled my own automation-server covering my use
cases, as I found the current z-wave state in OH2 and other open source
implementations of the protocol being a bit limited for several of my
The public standard (Z/IP) from Z-Wave was released a few months back, and
hopefully those documents will make it possible to nail the z-wave protocol
in a better way in OH2. I guess they will use that for improving the
current state (I think they have acquired license for the z-wave stack now).

In the mean time you can try using Sigmas reference software / hardware to
manage the lock you are aiming at. It works fine, and it is currently the
best alternative on the cheap-side for broad support of z-wave devices,
including the IdLock which it supports out-of-the-box :slight_smile: And with that
Sigma reference bridge running, it would be quite a walk in the park to
integrate that into a plugin for OH2. If you have the interest/time. The
only downside is that you are currently bound to a raspberry pi for the
Sigma-part, if you don’t invest in a license…

Thanks for the feedback Kenneth and update.
I hope that it will be possible to integrate it in openhab as thats the only puzzle missing in my openhab server now.

Have tried to integrate it with openzwave but its just gets to messy when i want to interact with more decives based on events.

Security in ZWave is not included in OH2 release, but it is running fine in the development version and being tested by a few people now. I will try and make this more readily available shortly, but I decided not to merge this into the OH2 release version as it is a large change to the binding and merging this right before the OH2 release was not considered sensible.

Ok, do you think it will be implementet in next relase of OH2?
Any forcast on this? Will it be in 3-6 months?

I’m not 100% sure of the release schedule for the next OH2 - I think the plan is to release about every 3 months so it’s possible this could be included then. Currently the people that are testing it have no issues, but as it’s a very big change (it’s not limited to just adding security) mileage may vary once others start to use it so until it’s got a wider use, I’d be a little hesitant to commit right now ;).

Good enough answer for me, will try to wait patiently. :slight_smile:
If you need someone to test the idlock device, i will be happy to do that.

Ok - I don’t know too much about it, but I’ll look to get a version of the code available somehow over the next couple of days. Database entries will be wrong for any secure device that’s currently in the database so they will need a bit of an update to add missing command classes (ie the secure commands). This should be pretty easy - we’ve done it for a few devices that people are testing already…

I’ll make an announcement about this in the next day so we can discuss more then…