Openhab3 Painfully Slow

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  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Intel® Core™ i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 16GB RAM, Hard Disk
    • OS: Ubuntu 20.04
    • Java Runtime Environment: zulu11-jre 11.0.10-1

I have performance problems with my fairly new installation of Openhab3. Directly after a restart the performance is Okay but after a while running each web operation becomes very unresponsive. This means the Android App will time out or the web interface is not loaded.

What can be the cause here? Is there any way to debug this issue? If additional Information is required I be happy to provide it.

What is the memory and CPU utilization on the machine when this happens? If it’s high, what’s using these resources? What do you see in openhab.log?

OH should actually be really zippy on that platform, plenty of power unless the machine is doing a bunch of other stuff

ok, now wait… are these ‘web operations’ running locally of over the internet remotely? Because that could be a network speed issue

Along a similar line of enquiry:

What device are you using to control or administer openHAB? The reason I ask:

  • I have openHAB running one one machine, with specs similar to yours.
  • I administer/configure openHAB (creating and configuring Pages, mainly) on a different machine via the browser, Firefox. This 2nd machine has only 4GB of RAM, and I find that this quickly gets eaten up when continuously editing Pages and Widgets. In fact I have to keep an eye on the available RAM and close the openHAB tab when it gets too high, otherwise the machine starts swapping like mad, making it practically unusable. As RAM gets eaten up, using openHAB through that same tab gets slow too.
  • I control openHAB (i.e. turn on lights etc) from my mobile device (Android phone), and don’t see any issues there.

So, are you administering from a different device, and is it that device (or browser) which is slow, rather than openHAB itself? (Even though the cause is something in the UI…)

I will check this the next time it happens.

The problem is consistent from the local network or from remote. It is also consistent with multiple devices (Galaxy S10 with App, Galaxy Note 4 with App, My Dekstop Computer Core i7-4770 with 24GB of RAM and Firefox)