openHAB3 + Zigbee Binding + CC2531 no devices

Hello everybody,

slowly I am becoming desperate on the following issue.

I get four GLEDOPTO Gl-C-007 LED-Lightstripe-Controller. These are Zigbee-Controller. My aim is to combine these with an CC2531 on a raspberry pi 4 with openhab3. Therefore I use the zigbee binding.

Seems like I get it done to see the cc2531 as a thing:

But I can not see any channels while scanning this Thing.
This is my routine:

  • select “Things”
  • click “+”-button on the buttom
  • then I choose the zigbee binding.
  • click on “scan”.
    The binding should be in pairing mode now.
    The GLEDOPTO LED Controller is also in pairing mode.
    But there are no channels coming…

What can be wrong?

Thank you in advance!


The LED-Controller is available. Channels are also available.

But how can I turn off the light?
Do you have any idea?

Thank you in advance.

Use the OnOff control on the dimmer channel or color channel. Or set the dimmer level to 0.

Cant see on on/off-Switch.

No - you would need to create this in your sitemap as OH doesn’t provide it for you. Just use the slider.

Looking at the image - what does this switch do? -:


Sorry, I just started with openHAB 5 days ago :grinning:

It works now! Now I know what these “switches” are for :joy:

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After a time all LED-things go offline.
But I changed nothing. I was not even at home…

What can be the issue?
Thank you.


On RaspberryPi3 with openhabian and a CC253: I have the same problem as you. I have the zigbee CC2531 showing ONLINE. I press the (+) button in things, select the zigbee binding and press [SCAN] but I cannot get any of my Tradfri light bulbs to connect. I have the bulb in pairing mode (flashing slowly).

How did you make this work, because I am getting frustrated :slight_smile: