Openhabcloud docker container

I’ve tested three domains and it works fine, I would appreciate it if someone else could test too.


I do test it in the next few days.

Hi @ryandetzel,

Iam actually creating an official dicker image. Would ve been good if we exchange sooner. so we Can prevent double work

It’s nothing fancy, it’s basically just the app thrown in a container. :slight_smile: I did it mostly because I want to run this inside docker so it’s easy to move servers. This probably took less that two hours so probably not a ton of duplicate effort.

I’m actually changing it now (non-secure branch) so that the app is the only thing running in the docker, no nginx. Then I’ll use haproxy in another docker to forward requests to the node app. This will allow it to run alongside other apps easily without multiple instances of nginx/haproxy. I might make mongo and redis configurable too so they too don’t have to run in the container and can share another container. Thoughts? I’m assuming your goal is a one click solution so we might have different goals.

actually I started something similar, but not running app, nginx etc all in one container. For your stuff It is ok, we might have more versions. Just wanted to let you know,that we are going to provide an one click version too and are working on an image.
Don’t want to stop you…
Just waned to understand what you re planing to do and we might coordinate things.

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Works fine as described on fresh install . But I would like to use it together another web apps on cloud server . It will be possible ?
One small think , redirection to basicui or habpanel dont work ,as mentioned here: OpenHab Cloud Installation

Yeah, you would setup nginx as a reverse proxy on the host and redirect only openhab stuff to the container.


I am done with the docker-compose setup etc.
I ve lost a looooong time due to some stupid exception with node.
So I am planing to add this to the OH cloud.
Maybe you can check/test it? That would be great.

Iam also thinking to merge in your stuff as “single docker file”.
What I ve achieved so far is that I ve a docker-compose setup and I spin up all by docker-compose.
It is not all in one Dockerfile and production oriented.
1 x container for node app
1 x container for mongo
1 x container for redis
1 x container for nginx

I will send you the link to repo later on…just finishing some small things.
I am adding the readme and instrucitons.

BR Mehmet


as promised:
has now Docker (docker-compose) support. See my post about work in progress in this thread

BR Mehmet

@MARZIMA / @ryandetzel

I want to create my own cloud on RPI 3. I would like to use docker approach. What is the official / latest instructions for deploying using dockers?

Appreciate your help