Openhabcloud issue

  • Platform information:
    • OS: windows 10
    • openHAB version: 2.4.0

System fully working for months, yesterday i tried adding new items to expose to openhabcloud but i can’t see them in
Checking the logs, i found that no new event was registered in since july (don’t know why tho).

I tried the guides and hints here, so i restarted the cloud connection from scratch (deleted items in, deleted config file and even uninstalled service and created new uuid, deleted cache, tmp,).

In the log says connected, says it sends requests and updates. works normally.

What’s the problem then?

The only events I see in my myopenhab account are the “online” messages of my system ( not regularly, once or twice a week). I have no item exposed, however I can control all the items that are on my sitemap/ habpanel gui from remote!
Are you trying to do anything special with those exposed items outside of openHAB?

thanks for the reply!

No special needs, but Google Home connected so now i can’t sync it no more (otherwise i will lose everything since i have no items now).

It seems everything is working fine, the DEBUG log shows connection with the service and item updates…but there are no items listed in page.

That was turned off months ago along with MQTT because people were adding all their items, overloading the server and causing it to crash. I believe the best solution now is to setup your own hosted cloud.

Thanks to you too.

So…sorry for the question, but do you know how to expose new items to Google Home?
I mean, is the documentation ( updated?

Am I missing something…?

I did a search and, apparently, you just add tags to your Items, much like Alexa.

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As far as I understand the Documentation exposing items is NOT needed. Did you tag your items?

Thanks for the link to both, i will restart the procedure then (it’s been months since my last item update).

So now i’m missing what was the goal of exposing items in openhabcloud! Third party stuff, like ifttt? And if so, how to ifttt?
I know i can search for these answers by myself here but asking to you seems more straight!
Thanks in advance

I have to say that knowing what you can do with items exposed to IFTTT is of no use at the moment because this connection has been shut down (temporarily?). The load created by the sheer number of exposed items items was a problem for the server.
I am using all my items ( which are shown on an UI) from remote, none of them is exposed. I do NOT miss anything ATM!

Yes, and the solution now is to host your own cloud until somebody sets up a hosted service to sell to the community.

Just tag your items and ask google to sync devices.

Exposing not required for google only ifttt and ifttt has been disabled at the present moment.

I wasn’t aware of that bad news, too bad i deleted my items trying to fix it, losing the IFTTT (which is slow as hell tbh) automations. I’ll evaluate if hosting an own cloud is worth it.

And too bad that people are simply to stupid to understand basic common stuff breaking what actually works.

Google indeed just needed tags now (in Italy, at least, many of them still won’t work and thats what started my confusion: item wouldn’t show in Ghome app but was due to this, not to the cloud service).

Thanks all for the help!


Very true. The non-profit Foundation has limited resources and cannot sponsor a paid service.